Monday, 30 December 2013

2013- The most interesting year in my life!

Yes! I can declare that 2013 is by far the best year of my life. Throughout the 17 years in my life, some were normal, some were great and some sucked, big time. And there's 2013, which is my favourite year since I was born!

I have gone through many ups and downs in my life (mostly ups), major changes in environment and also a start to a whole new chapter of my life. From the shocking decision of me deciding to give up my prestigious scholarship in Singapore and return to Malaysia for college, to deciding on taking accounting, to working for 3 months as a trainee accountant, to meeting one of my best friends also food buddy Michelle and starting my journey towards a whole new level of gastronomic adventures, to my first kpop concert in my life, to first day in college, to meeting a whole new bunch of awesome friends in college, to getting my drivers' license and to my recent dream-come-true Korea solo trip and last but not least, the birth of

Blogging has brought me many benefits which I am obviously happy about it, but that's not my reason to start up this blog. The reason of me starting this blog can be found out at the About page. Click it if you wanna know why. Through blogging, especially through Nuffnang, it has opened a door to a whole new world of opportunities and benefits. From numerous movie premieres to free concert passes to events invitations, I have found myself benefiting alot from joining the Nuffnang community. I will continue to run this blog of mine, jotting down my experiences as I grow and learn, to be a better person, towards success.

And now, to the plain and boring reflections of 2013 and resolutions of 2014. Run away if you hate these stuffs! Hahah!

I realised that I have been spending these two things too recklessly and must really make an effort to stop this:
Time: Yup, time as in organising my priorities. I am a student right now, and my main priority throughout my course time frame is to study hard and ace my papers. But I have to admit, studies had never been anywhere near to important to me throughout the years. If I were to choose studying for an exam coming up in 2 days over going for an outing, I would choose going out instead of studying.  In 2014, I must get myself to study harder than ever! Of course, talking itself is no use. I have come out with a plan. My goal is to just flip through my notes and textbooks for 15 minutes everyday. Yes, just 15 minutes will do. Better than to start everything at 11pm on the night before exams. (Yes I ALWAYS did that!) And also to pay attention in EVERY single lecture. Guys please slap me if you don't see me paying attention in class and revising.

Money: I realised how terribly I spent my money after counting. just for October, I spent about RM4000 just on my own stuff. That shocked me. RM4000 in a month! I am still 17! Although I am making very little amount of money through selling birds' nests for my dad, I have been spending ALL of them away. I spend money 90% of the time I open my eyes. I can wallop up to RM20 in a hawker stall just on a normal dinner with college mates. I cannot resist myself whenever I see stuff that catch my eyes and since I live by Sunway Pyramid, I always went to the mall and just bought whatever that I like. From the first day in 2014, I must start living by the line: "Spend only on what you need, not what you want." My parents are not rich and they work very hard to make a living, I cannot anyhow spend money like water. I can only go out twice a month for a good meal with my friends. Okay wait, 3. THREE. THAT'S THE LIMIT. By good meaning RM20 to anything below RM100 per meal. Michelle ma food buddy, at least one day is reserved for you ya~ hehehe XD

In short, in 2014, I must learn to manage my time more efficiently, give more priority to my studies and save more money. My goal is to see a RM5000 increment in my bank account next year. Oh yeah! I must lose weight too! Hahaha! To 68kg! Onz! I'm gonna reward myself with another trip to Korea. (Yup I love Korea so much, gonna blog about it soon!) I'm gonna book the air ticket once I reach 70kg!

Wish me luck and all the best for my upcoming resolutions! Wish all of you awesome people a happy last day of 2013 and a wonderful and fruitful year of 2014!

Ending this post with a pic of me in Pavilion!

새해 복 많이 받으세요!!!

Saturday, 14 December 2013


AWWWWW YEAHHHHH!!!! I'm feeling so excited and happy right now!

Finally my dream to go to Korea since last year will be realised in 32hours' time! In 24 hours, I will be on the plane heading towards my dream destination ever since I fell in love with Kpop last year.

I will open my eyes on Monday morning breathing in legit Korean air, feeling the coldness of winter and simply experiencing the awesomeness of the kimchi nation! I can imagine myself walking through the korean streets, eating delicious Korean food and experiencing the feeling of travelling alone. Yes, I will be going to Korea for 12 days free and easy, alone. I always wanted to experience the feeling of travelling alone in a foreign country hence this ticks off two options in my bucket list!

Actually I bought the tickets around April this year and had been feeling the excitement ever since! I even made a countdown timer in my phone and felt happy looking the number decreasing day by day. LOL

I will be posting blog posts of my travels when I get back so do check back! :D

Okay I should get packing now~

Seeya soon guys!


New hair!!

Went to salon to chop of my long hair~
Felt abit sad when the long strands of hair dropped onto the floor bit by bit as the hair stylist slowly worked the scissors on my hair.
Haha I sound like a girl having her hair cut short LOL. Okay la maybe not sad perhaps a lil wasted because I spent so much money and effort into maintaining this long hair.

For those who don't know, I have natural curly and frizzy hair hence I need to do rebonding for my hair once every 3-4 months to get straight hair. Yup girls you heard me right! Once every 3-4 months. Sounds crazy because normally people only do it once a year or so.

I had to do it so frequently because I am a guy and hence my hair is short and when the new hair grows out it starts to get curly and unruly again so I will have to spend money to get it done at the salon.

I did hair relaxing during october and it started getting wavy now already. For those who don't know what's relaxing, relaxing is another form of hair straightening which is less intense hence less damaging for the hair but also less straight and silky compared to rebonding. But I like relaxing because it does less damage to my hair and the results are more to my liking as it is not too flat and straight, it is slightly wavy hence creating volume on my hair. I also dyed my hair to abit purplish red but the colour is only obvious under bright sun haha.

Love this shot! Don't judge haha~!

Can't see the colours~ ㅠㅠㅠㅠ


Saturday, 7 December 2013

Jyjoonyoo on the wheels!

So happy to officially announce here that I have gotten my driver's license and I can finally drive!!!
Not gonna post my license here cos I look fking retarded haha. So far I have droven from my house in ampang to places like Sunway (My college), Damansara, Bandar Utama, Bangsar, Mid Valley and so on. Quite an accomplishment I would say as I am still a very mediocre driver so if you see me on the road please don't curse me. Hahah

My first time driving was actually without my parents knowledge and permission and I drove alone for a 30 minutes drive to college to get some stuff and meet my friends. I only called my mom when I reached college and she was quite surprised and worried I suppose.

Then, I started driving to places sometimes with my mom's company and sometimes without. I completed my first task yesterday by sending birds' nests to 2 customers in Damansara. Although I don't know my way, thank god my friends were there to help me waze our way to Damansara and Bangsar and back to Sunway.

I know driving is not a big deal for many of you guys but I feel accomplished okay! I'm only 17 and it's my first few times driving so please let me express my excitement and happiness here haha!

Okay so some pictures of me in the car lolol

First time driving to Sunway!

Drove to Sunway, Damansara and Bangsar yesterday! :D

I realised that driving isn't an easy task especially during  traffic jams! You have to be alert to avoid any accidents. So drive safe guys! :D


Sunday, 1 December 2013

Ming Court Dim Sum Restaurant- 明阁香港点心

Ipoh is famous for it's dimsum, with Foh San and Ming Court fighting literally head to head for the title of the best dim sum in Malaysia. We decided to give Ming Court a try first as many people told me that Ming Court serves better dimsum than Foh San and more Ipoh locals prefer Ming Court.

Even on a Monday morning, an empty table is hard to find and we had to wait for about 10 minutes for a seat. The table sharing is practiced here so if you don't mind sharing tables you can just sit at any empty spot you find. Personally I dislike table sharing alot and I prefer to have my food in peace without strangers near me, that's why I love VIP or private rooms in restaurants hehe. Okay back to Ming Court...

Once you sit down, waitresses and waiters will crowd around you with trays and trays of dimsum and they will just put down as many trays as they can on your table. At this moment, you must quickly reject any trays that you are not interested at because if not, it is considered yours and you will have to pay for it. There were some trays that we did not manage to reject due to overwhelming amounts of dimsum being put on our table and we didn't even see properly. Lol
Our spread!
About 25 trays! Some were good and some were normal, nothing really bad to complain. :)

Group selca before we start our feast! :D

Seaweed wrapped fish or smth.
Not impressed.

Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun
Quite decent for it's price.

Egg Tarts
Didn't like it at all. Skin was too thick.

Har Gau
Tasted nice but the size looked like it's made for 3-year-olds.
Dim sum kiddy meal?

Fish cake wrapped in beancurd skin
Not badd

Siew Mai

I think this is the star of the restaurant!
Glutinous chicken rice!
Very delicious! The rice was marinated with so much flavours! There was char siew in it also! Double the meat double the goodness! Probably one of the best Lo Mai Kai I've eaten other than my dad's. 
(My dad was a chinese pau chef and a restaurant chef :D)

Char siew wrapped in dough and deep fried.
The dough was too heavy and oily for my liking but the charsiew tasted alright.

This was too oily too. The spring roll had too much of 韭菜also.

Another star of this restaurant. The best muachi I've eaten!!!
The fillings inside the muachi just flows out when you bite it! 
So delicious I ordered a second one!

Food: 8/10
Good food for the price! Must try when you are in Ipoh!

Service: 6/10
Prompt service. Although not professional, but still acceptable. There is service charge.

Ambience: 4/10
Typical dimsum place. Over crowded but not stuffy. (Thank god)

Price: RM94 for 4 pax
Cheap! Only down to RM23.5 per pax for so much food! We were so stuffed we had to force ourselves to finish because there was too much left!

In conclusion, some were awesome and some were normal but there were nothing too bad. So this place is good in general. Will try Foh San next time! :D


Ipoh Tuck Kee Restaurant 怡保德记

After an unsatisfying supper at 冬菇亭 because almost all stalls were closed and we were not full enough, we headed to 德记 for another late night supper. It was about 12am already when we reached there and there were still many customers around. We sat down and ordered a few dishes and they were all pretty good. I particularly liked their meat balls and Hokkien beehoon.

There is another restaurant named Sin Tuck Kee right beside it but we went to Tuck Kee

Food here are all very cheap in general. Ranges from RM5-RM9 per person.

The street is quite empty except for this part at the end which has a few restaurants that opened till quite late.

滑蛋河 (Hor Fun) RM5

Meatballs 10 for RM6
Probably my favourite in this restaurant. Has dried cuttlefish in it which makes it all better and leaves you craving for one after another!

Chicken feet RM7
Very soft and comes out from the bone once it goes into your mouth.

Hokkien fried mee hoon (RM5)
Did you see the fried lard?
They are very generous with their fried lard and putting that aside, this dish is very good itself as it is very flavourful with the charcoal smell.

Fried Udon RM5
Tasted alright. Not surprising.

Food: 7.5/10
Delicious noodles, yummilicious meatballs.

Service: 1.5/10
Don't expect good service in these places. Filled with foreign workers who doesn't give a damn about politeness, they stare at you right in your face when you ask for something as if you owe them your life.
 Oily dining utensils. (Bring your own tissue to clean your bowls and spoons before your meal) 
However, it is still worth it as the food is cheap and delicious!

Ambience: 4/10
Certainly not the place for a romantic date. Get yo asses on the stools and tuck in!
However I like the windy midnight breeze when we were eating.

No 61, Jalan Yau Tet Shin,
30300 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Tel No : +605-253 7513

In short, this place is a must come if you arrive in Ipoh late at night and are craving for some Ipoh goodness!


Saturday, 30 November 2013

Ipoh Food Trip!

Hello everyone!!! I just came back from Ipoh two days ago with my friends! Our purpose of this trip was plainly to stuff ourselves with the awesome food in Ipoh with the recommendations from our dear friend Xiao Lan! Me and Yvonne went to Ipoh by train from KL Sentral, while Yan Qing went from Pantai Remis and Xiao Lan came to pick us up. Had a really really good time eating, chatting and taking pictures with them. Looking forward for our next trip ya! :DDD

I will post mainly what we did here and leave the restaurants for individual posts. So do check back for more amazing restaurants in Ipoh!

So, me and Yvonne took the ETS from KL Sentral to Ipoh station. The journey lasted 2 hours and 30 minutes and the seats are quite comfy. They also have toilets in the cabins, just like a typical long journey train.

Me and Yvonne
Abit too bright hor~

Plenty of leg space for the first row, but no leg rest...
(Those are not our luggages)

So we reached around 10:30 and went to have supper at 冬菇亭,it's a hawker centre with lots of stalls but it was too late and most restaurants were closed. Managed to grab something since we already got of the car. So we had fried slipper lobster and chee cheong fun.

After that, we went to Ipoh Tuck Kee Restaurant for more because we didn't have enough.
Their meatballs and hokkien meehoon is a must order!

Chicken feet, 滑蛋河 and meatballs at Ipoh Tuck Kee Restaurant.

After that, we went to Xiao Lan's house for a night's stay.
Me, XL, YQ and Yvonne~
Had a great time playing cards and chatting till midnight! :D

Compulsory bag check during outings!
Hahaha I really love bag checks I don't know why.
Like those Korean variety shows such as Family Outing, they also conduct bag checks during outings!

Slept at 5am and planned to wake up at 6:30am but failed. BIG TIME!!!
We ended up waking up at 8+am and reached Ipoh town around 10am.

We were contemplating whether to dine at Fu Shan Dim Sum Restaurant, which is possibly Malaysia's most famous place for dimsum, and Ming Court, which many says they serve better dimsum than Fushan and it's cheaper. We ended up choosing Ming Court. Don't be fooled by it's humble looking restaurant compared to the luxurious looking counterpart, this restaurant really serves good dimsum! Will try out Fu Shan when I re-visit Ipoh soon!

We over-ordered. Some were good, some were bad.
Check out this restaurant in this post: Ming Court

After that, we walked around the streets of Ipoh searching for more delicious food.
(Not exactly searching since we already had the names of the shops in mind.)

Passed by a park.
(She thinks she's cute) Hahaha

Went to Sin Eng Heong for their Salted Egg Yolk Puff Pastry (咸蛋酥) and Kaya Puff Pastry (Kaya 角).
It's like two best things in one shop. Seriously I have never tasted such great ones in KL and other places. Normally this place would be packed with people queuing for their puff pastries but since it's a Monday morning, the crowd was lesser.

After that, we walked to Funny Mountain Soya Bean for their Soya Beancurd.

Very smooth soya beancurd.

Sitting outside the shop and enjoying our hot beancurd although the weather is very hot.
People normally drive and stop in front of the shop and the workers will take orders form them and bring the beancurd to them for them to enjoy in the car. Much better!

Went to some bakery and ordered some cold drinks and chilled since the sun was too hot. 
Oh Ipoh and it's hot weather!

Me and Yvonne.


After that, we went to Aun Kheng Lim for their salted chicken.
Bought 4 whole chickens to be brought back home.

After buying, we went to Ipoh Parade Shopping Mall for a walk in air-cond because the weather was really really really hot. Walked around for a while and we also celebrated Yan Qing's birthday in advance at Starbucks because she would most probably not be with us during her birthday since it's already holidays.

Happy Birthday Yan Qing!!!
Wish you all the best for everything you do and stay awesome!
Enjoy life to the fullest! :D

For the last stop before we step into the train back to KL, we went to 兵如港 for 炸料(Something like Yong Tau Fu but without the black sauce) and Asam Laksa.

The food here is also to die for! So cheap somemore! 
Where in Malaysia can you find RM3 Asam Laksa?!

Ordered a little bit since we were so full.

With our fully filled bellies, we went to Ipoh train station and since it was early, we took some photos there.

YanQing wearing my spectacles haha

Dewan Bandaraya Ipoh
Looks so english right? Along with the court and the train station, the whole place seems so historical! Feels like we are back in 1950 or something Lol..

YQ eating me~

Some "cool" shot.

I like this picture alot.
It might be my profile picture hahaha but I'm gonna post it on my blog first. :D


Ending this post with a random picture which I think is quite cool haha.