Monday, 25 March 2013

My passion for Korea

Almost all of my friends know that I am very crazy everything and anything related to Korea. Kpop, KDramas, Kvariety, Kfood and their culture! YES I AM! XD So today I’m going to blog about my passion for Korea, how it started and how deep am I into it. (Korea is not just Gangnam Style OKAY!)

(I’m going to split this topic into several posts because I think it will be very long if I were to squeeze everything in one post.)

How and when it started
It all started in the beginning of 2012, when I sat next to one of my best friends currently, Jared! He introduced a few kpop songs to me and I immediately fell in love with Kpop! I went back and searched for more and realized how much I’ve missed before knowing all these awesome songs! Since then, Jared has been my best kpop buddy, we send pictures and information related to kpop to each other and talk about kpop almost everyday!!!! HAHAHA How crazy lol.. But there are seriously too little Kpop fans in my school, I don’t know why… L

Although I am quite a late follower of Kpop, I am very ‘hiong’ one ok!!! I have like more than 500gb of Korea related media in my computer and hard disk. Almost all is from Youtube… Shhhh…

However, I have not been to Korea and a single concert yet. Sighhhhs… I didn’t even attend those free ones! Everytime they have an event or concert, I sure have something on… Major wtf!!!

Kara came to Singapore last year and help a fansign event, I had night tuition…

4Minute came to Singapore during August last year, I had something on too…

2NE1 came to Singapore to hold a FREE SURPRISE concert, I was out with my friends, just 10 km away from them, AND I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT IT BECAUSE IT WAS A SURPRISE CONCERT!!!

This year, 2NE1 came again for Twin Towers Alive in KL but I had to attend my Grandma’s celebration and if I were to go no one would fetch me there….

All the ones above that I mentioned were ALL FREE!!!!! And I missed them…
Sad right???

I really hope to see them in the near future…

I also wish to go to Korea!!! Korea is like… heaven to me. I must go there when I have the opportunity to!
Okay, stay tuned for the KPOP edition! :D

KBYE!!! :D

Disclaimer: I do not claim credit for the photos above as they are found on the internet.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Lava Eggs - Runny Egg Yolk Goodness!

Tried lava eggs and loved the half cooked egg yolk but just don't know how to make?
Worry not! 
It's actually damn easy!
Just stick to this recipe and you won't go wrong! :)


Ice Cold Water


Boil water.

Put in the egg when water starts boiling.

 Leave it in for  exactly 5 minutes and 50 seconds.

 Immediately take out and put in a bowl of cold water to stop it from cooking further.

 Peel and it’s done! :D

The brown coating can be done by dipping it in soy sauce and sugar mixture for about one minute!

Now you no longer need to spend 2 dollars on an egg. LOL

Thursday, 21 March 2013

3号Crab Delicacy- Where Connoisseurs Dine!

Had one of the best crab meals of my life!
Highly recommend this restaurant! They offer one of the best crabs in Singapore and Malaysia!
It's located at Outram Park, Singapore.

We ordered Salted Egg Yolk Crab and Chili Crab!
Their Salted Egg Yolk Crab is a MUST EAT!!!

Drunken Cockles!
OMG The best cockles I've ever had seriously!
I hate cockles but this is really delicious!
Usually cockles have the awful taste but this is very refreshing.
Since it's a cold dish, it's perfect as appetizer!

Salted Egg Yolk Crab! BEST THING EVARR!
The BEST Salted Egg Yolk Crab I've ever had. The rich and creamy gravy compliments the crab really well,  make you lick your fingers! :P

Chili Crab! 
Nice to eat with fried buns, I ate 3 lol..
I find this not bad too as I don't have high expectations for chili crabs.
Another thing about their crabs, their crabs are quite huge too! The smallest weighs 1.3kg!
Their crabs are really fresh. Meaty and juicy! :D

Look at the bill...
What I really hate is the service charge!!!


9.5/10 (One of the best, better than big shots like NoSignboard)

7/10 (It's like those tze char restaurant but it's air-conditioned.)

7.5/10 (Rather attentive waiters.)

Quite reasonable, about SGD 60 per pax. FOR CRABS!!!
But I still hate the $35 tax...

Visit for more info! :)

That's all!


Manbok Korean Restaurant (만복)

Hey guys!!!

I’m going to blog about a Korean Restaurant located in Bukit Timah, Singapore today.
It’s called Manbok Korean Restaurant. (만복)
It’s at the opposite of Bukit Timah Shopping Centre.
I went to this place twice because I liked the ambience and service.
They keep playing Kpop!!! XD
Kay Pics Pics Pics!!!

Look at the smoke absorber! Few BBQ restaurants in Singapore have this!
This thing is so good, after eating BBQ, we will not have the bad smell on our cothes! :D
Seng Kiet avoiding my camera! LOL

The waitress grilling meat for us. :)

The items are quite pricey though :(
The meat on the grill and on the long plate alone costs about SGD80++ X.X

Well tried their yukhoe too!
Yukhoe is a Korean raw beef salad with an egg and pears.
Although I think the one at Ju Shi Jung at West Coast tastes much better, this one is acceptable too!


7/10 (Not the best, but is quite nice compared to other ones I tried.)

9.5/10 (Just love the place!)

7/10 (Quite slow during busy hours.)

Lol how do you rate prices Zzz.. 
But it's quite expensive, the two times I went each costs about SGD50 per pax.

How to get there: Take a bus to Opposite Bukit Timah Shopping Centre and the restaurant is located at the one of end of the row of shops.


Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Usually people introduce themselves in their first post right?
I find that so boring. :/
Not that I am boring, but don't you think it's so cliche-ish?
Perhaps I shall introduce myself. Feels so weird to start without intro. LOL
I am 17 this year, born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Attended Primary School in Kuala Lumpur and completed my Secondary education in Singapore.
Yes, I was in Singapore for the past four years!
Oh sg I miss you so much!!!
I completed my O-Levels last year and came back to KL for college.
Will explain to you guys in some other post. :)
I will be studying in Sunway College starting from July 1st.
I will be taking their professional accountancy programme for 3 years and I will be an 
ACCA (Associate Certified & Chartered Accountant).
This three years will be very very intensive since normally people take about 5-6 years to get this done.
But I don't wanna waste to much time studying so I took this programme.
It means that I will be an ACCA when I'm 20! (Provided if I finish the programme! haha!)
So I'm currently working part-time in an accounting firm in PJ, since I'm going to study accountancy, might as well work as something related to what I'm am studying, one stone two birds! Lol

Ok, what am I up to recently?
I am working hard to lose weight! HAHA
I'm halfway to my goal already, I was 96 kg back in March 2012!
Since then I lost 13kg! :D
I wanna lose another 13 kg and I will be very happy and healthy!

HOLY Couldn't imagine how FAT I was back then right?
I'm still very fat now, so I'm desperately trying to lose as much fats as I can LOL

Ok, let's talk about my interests, I love food (the reason I'm fat), and I like cooking too!
I <3 KPOP! and Korea! 대한민국사랑해! ㅋㅋㅋ
I like making random crafts and stuffs.
I LOVE Travelling. (Sadly I don't get so many of these chances :'( 

And... yeah.
That's all for now, I guess?

Do check back for more interesting stuff soon! :D

K BYE!!!!! XD