Sunday, 28 April 2013

PSY's Gentleman

Mother Father Gentleman!!
Yes, this post might be a bit late because this MV is already out for more than two weeks, but I would like to express my opinions about PSY and this music video.

YES!!! PSY is back with his single "Gentleman"! Again, this is a fun video for people to watch and laugh at. The title is Gentleman but in the video, PSY does everything opposite of what a gentleman should be doing.

The dance:
Kpop fans might already know that the hip dance aka arrogant dance is originated from Brown Eyed Girls' Abracadabra MV. But some might not know that PSY actually paid copyright fees to the choreographers for this dance move. Furthermore, Gain from B.E.G. Hence, it is not called stealing, get your facts right. :)
I was quite sure that the dance will be Brown Eyed Girls' hip dance way before the MV was released because before the release I saw pictures of PSY and Gain from B.E.G. circulating online. After that, PSY released a statement saying that the dance move is already known by Koreans but not the world. At that point of time, I guess many of us Kpop fans might have already been 95% sure what the dance will be.

This video is banned by one of the broadcasting company (KBS) in Korea because PSY kicked the traffic cone in the MV. COME ON PEOPLE!!! You ban a video which has a person kicking the traffic cone, but you broadcast videos of people kicking people?!?! (Many movies contain fighting scenes.)
OH! So you mean kicking the traffic cone is incorrect but kicking people is correct?! What kind of bullshit is this??? I know it is wrong kicking the traffic cone, but violence is also wrong, right? So if you want to ban that, you might as well ban all movies/videos that contain violence...
They always have issues with YG man... (PSY's label) And I respect YG for their decision by not succumbing to the broadcaster by editing out the traffic scene. Hell yeah YG needs no bullshit of yours to be famous! PSY fighting! Yang Hyun Suk fighting! YG fighting!!!

Ok I should chill... LOL

Mother Father Gentleman!
I'm sure many of you guys know what does the "father" stands for actually! ;)

Just in these few months several Korean artists released songs with "Mother Father Gentleman"
Firstly it began with Hyungdon and Daejune's "Get Out".

G-dragon's Michigo!

And two of them are actually in this MV as well!

Celebrities in "Gentleman" MV:
So there are many celebrities in this video and I think international audiences might not know, they are:


They are actually comedians in South Korea and are casts from a variety show called "Infinite Challenge".
Yoo Jae-suk and Noh Hong-chul were from PSY's previous MV Gangnam Style where Yoo Jae-suk was the guy in yellow suit and Noh Hong-chul was the 'elevator guy'. Remember?
But I have no idea who the random old men in the beginning are, haha
Ohh, I almost forgot about G-dragon!
He is the one on the far left.
This is actually a scene from the variety show "Infinity Challenge" so GD isn't really in the cast, just a cameo.

So, who's that hot girl who danced with PSY?

She is one and only, Gain from Brown Eyed Girls!
(Her name is pronounced as "ga-in", not "gain", in case you don't know.)

Some facts of this video:
The MV set a new record for:
-highest first day views
-fastest video to reach 100 million views
-fastest video to reach 200 million views
-As of 28th April 2013, two weeks after it's release, it gained more than 244 million views on Youtube!

Ok, that's all, hope you guys know more about this MV.


Saturday, 27 April 2013

Violent? Or not?

Well, this will be the first time that I will be blogging about my thoughts/feelings. So, feel free to comment and tell me what do you think about this issue! :)

Almost everyone of us will know someone with violence tendencies or someone who is violent. Our society will normally judge this people and label them as "bad", "evil" and stuff like that, and will also associate them with stereotypes. Most of the public will try to avoid these kind of people as far as they can.

Personally I don't think everyone with violence tendencies are evil or bad.
So why exactly are these people behaving like this?
These are some of my reasons for their behaviour:

1. They don't know how to express themselves correctly, and this might be due to their family background or culture which outsiders see it as offensive but to them, it is a normal thing.

2. They are more physical and express themselves through violence because they have too many insecurities but have no one to convey to, so they choose to express it through physical actions.

I'm sure that there are much more reasons to this but I think these two are the most important ones.

I actually know some quite violent people in my life and they are not a all evil or bad. In fact, they make much better friends compared to those cunning people with a mask on their face. Most of the time, they see friendship very seriously and will go through all sorts of troubles to help their friends, and they won't drag their friends down the water if they are in trouble. (Not like our current society where many people are just so self-centered and think only of themselves.) Besides that, these people are also very grateful, they will remember what you did to help them and they will try their best to help you if you encounter any problem. They are also those people who stand firm on their beliefs and will not easily sway due to incoming pressures like public opinion, peer pressures and etc. They also stand up and fight for what is right and will not sit down and watch if they see any people being bullied.

From all these situations you can see that they are actually very good people with values that most of the people in our current "normal" society don't have. Hence, we should not discriminate these people and we should give them a chance and try to understand them. Not that I support solving problems through violence but if we continue discriminating and marginalise them, who knows what will happen next. I believe that if everyone in this world is understanding and empathetic, our world will be a much better place to live in.

Peace! ^0^


April is going to end soon!!!

April is going to end soon!!!
It will be about two months till college starts, and I'm quite excited actually!
Some sneak peek about what's gonna happen in May:

1. Going to Singapore!!!
Yes!!! I will be back for about 5 days from 1st to 5th of May. Going to meet up with some of my friends there and catch up. Super miss them!!! XOXO

2. Undang test. :/
I hate this! The guide is in malay and I found out that after 4 years in Singapore, my command in Malay had dropped to a level that I find it hard to understand the stupid guide! How I wish there is an English version... Hahaha!

Anyways, went out to study Undang at Mamak store nearby because originally it was supposed to be tomorrow but it had to be pushed to 19th May due to many issues...
So no more studying for these two weeks! XD

3. Going to radio station!!
I have no idea what is going to happen but I'm invited by my friend to go with her to the radio station to promote her school's event. According to her we might play some games and will also go on air!
Wow~ First time man! Hahaha

4. Continue dieting...
HAHAHA my diet plan is like failing man! I keep on succumb to my cravings and go out to eat/ eating more that what I'm supposed to...  May will be a month where I will really save my pocket money and diet by drinking Herbalife!!! NO MORE EATING OUT!!!
(Err... Maybe once or twice lah.. HAHAHA)

So... That's it!
Remember to check my blog often for more updates! :D


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Log Savadee Thai Restaurant!

We went to this Thai restaurant in Cheras area to celebrate my brother's birthday! My dad had been telling us about it since we went to the sucky thai-malay-chinese fusion restaurant,  that this restaurant serves much better Thai food. Yes it does!! Yay for Thai food!!!

Thai restaurants are flourishing nowadays in KL and more and more mega-sized floating restaurants are receiving more customers than ever due to their special dining atmosphere. Its so cooling sitting in a place where you can enjoy the wonders of nature and dine at the same time. However, not all of them serve nice food. So make sure you do some research before going to any or you will be fooled like us on the previous restaurant. 

Ok,so back to Log Savadee.
The restaurant itself is not as pretty as those I went before, but it is certainly very cooling and the food is much better!

A river dividing the restaurant into two sections.

le menu.
Me and my cousin! :D

A pond where they keep their fishes alive so that we can have the freshest fish possible!

Random pic of the restaurant.

Another selca! ㅋㅋㅋ
Messy hair! Who cares? Time to eat!!!

The BBQ area! Must try it someday!

Pandan leaf fried chicken! 
Yummy! Fried chicken combined with the fragrance of pandan leaf makes you go for more!

Green curry!
First time seeing green curry being served in a coconut lol..
I think it lacks creaminess and basil fragrance, thats what green curry is all about right?

Belacan stir-fried vegetables aka four heavenly kings!
One of my family all time favourite!

Steamed fish in speciality sauce!
This is their signature dish and every table has it! We decided to order it also and it did not disappoint us!
I didn't regret ordering this because I originally wanted to order baked fish, but my dad wanted to try this, and it is really one of the best Thai steamed fish I've ever tasted! Even my cousin who hates fish liked it! I would come back just for that! ;)
Highly recommended!

Braised crab in glass noodles.
The glass noodles tasted quite delicious in my opinion but mom didn't like it. Btw the crab was really fresh!

Crab hiding under the noodles!

Birthday boy with cake.

Cake time! I don't know where mom bought this fruit cake but it was delicious! The soft sponge cake plus perfect amount of cream and fruits makes people go for a second round! A light cake perfect for after dinner desserts! Imagine eating those heavy cakes after a damn full dinner! You will feel damn bloated!


Food: 8/10
Yes, I have to mention the steamed fish again! It's seriously very delicous! Recommend it to everyone!! Quite satisfied with the food there overall, but the fish really pulled up the score by alot! Without the fish, this will just be another 6/10 restaurant.

Ambience: 6.5/10
Family style dining restaurant. Tables were huge and spacious, so its perfect for large crowds! Random thai music playing and there's a small river dividing the restaurant into two sections. Cooling.

Service: 7.5/10
Quite satisfied with their service. They are kind enough to help us keep yhe cake in their fridge during dining time so that the cake won't spoil. They also provided us with new utensils for the cake, (which many middle-priced restaurants don't like doing because they don't want to wash additional plates). Worth the service charge!

Price: RM180 for 6 people.
Very reasonable I think! RM30/pax

Log Sawadee Thai Restaurant:

8A-7-1, Kampung Cheras Baru, Lot 1875, Jalan Kuari, Kuala Lumpur, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, 56100

Will go back again to try their baked fish and to have their Steamed fish!!


Monday, 22 April 2013

Ampang Road Girls' School IU day!

Went for ARGS' IU Day last Saturday!
What does IU stands for? 
Kpop fans might think of the cute singer aka nation's little sister IU, and some might think of Indiana University, but IU Day here stands for International Understanding Day. It is an event organised by the school's interact club to raise awareness on poverty and eliminate racism.

This year's theme is on Native American culture titled "Dream Catching"
I like the idea of this theme as it coincides with the current fashion trend in Malaysia and Singapore:
Tribal Patterns.
Actually I think this tribal pattern thing came out in like 2011 but only went common since the end of 2012 till now. Still not common till you will see everyone wearing it on the streets, but many shops' new arrivals have these elements on their clothings.

OK I'm digressing...
Back to IU! I was quite happy to meet many of my Primary School Classmates that day!
Holyyy More than half of the organising committee were my either my classmates or my schoolmates!
Lai Meng Rules!!! XD

The sound system was terrible! Hope they can improvise for next year's IU.
The skit was hilarious! Yes Jing Xin you made my day!
As dramatic as usual! LOL

Some local artists were invited to perform too!
I forgot the group's name but it's a dance group that won a contest called "Showdown" or something.
Pardon my forgetfulness!
Someone called Ryan Foo Joe was invited too. According to my friend he won a singing contest. Lol there were even fansigns for him!
He performed the only Korean-related thing of the day, Crayon by G-dragon.

Didn't really take many pictures..

The ticket and booklet.

The only picture I took during the performance...

Siu Hui the Floor Manager!
100% transformation, she used to be quite fat during primary school!


Haven't met Ming Hui for ages! She's back to normal again!
She used to look like a tomboy but she looks awesome now!
And... Kpop fans, don't you think she looks like SNSD's Soo Young?!?!
Especially her eyes!!!

Jing Xin le cute one!
Haven't met her for ages too but she has not change even abit!
Still as cute as ever! 

Le Model!

Didn't get to meet Kay Dee, Wei Wei and some others as they were too busy..
And I couldn't stay back long enough to wait for them to take photos because I was rushing back home.

IU 2013 Good Show!


Saturday, 20 April 2013

Full House @ Sunway Pyramid

 Went to Sunway Pyramid for movie and dinner with fellow colleagues today! :D
Holyy I love Sunway Pyramid man! This will be my new lepak place for the next three years when my course starts since it is only walking distance from my college!
So many restaurants, so many shops to shop...
Ahhh I will be broke in no time man!!!

Ok, so I was really happy to be there that night because originally I wanted to eat Korean food but most of them don't like it, so we had to go to somewhere else. We came here and found out that the do serve Korean Food! But I think it's for a short period of time. But who cares??? I have me Korean Food, I happy. XP

The car!
I really like this cafe because it's really pretty!
I really regretted not taking many pictures, never mind, I will be back! :D

Selca with kak Efa's hand photo-bombing my picture! XD 

Group Picture!
Michelle, Efa, Me and James!

The cafe!

Another group picture!! XD

My Korean Jujube Tea!

Michelle's drink! Look at the stirrer! So cute! :D

Efa's laksa

My Korean beef skewer!
I like the plating!

Korean Fried Chicken aka KFC!

Went to watch Oblivion after that, left around 11:15pm. Everyone was reluctant to go to work the next day because it really felt like it was a Friday instead of Thursday! 

Anyways, Oblivion was just average. The ending was somehow predictable too, but the effects are still rather good.

Food is slightly above average, taste like normal chain restaurant food.

Really love this place!
Will come back just to chill here! :D
It's a lifestyle store and cafe means they sell other stuff besides serving food too!
Didn't check out what they sell though, but saw a female clothing section there.

Average waiters who hang out around the cafe like they own the restaurant, don't really like it.
But service is pretty satisfactory.

Not expensive but also not cheap. It's like a meal in those normal grade cafes.
Spent about RM 25-30.
Worth it because the ambience is really good!
Can't wait to try out other Full House Cafes! Anyone? :D