Friday, 31 May 2013

Genting Theme Park's new ride: Stinger!

So I woke up quite late for breakfast after Kpop Dream Concert the previous night at Arena Of Stars which I will blog about in my next post. (PICTURES!!! XDDD)

Awana's breakfast is really good!
Very large variety!
I think I saw like 15 types of breads or smth!
You can stay here for a month and wake up for the breakfast everyday and you won't be sick of it because there are just so many things to choose from!

Pic with Suzai and her friend!

With Suzai's cool mom and Jun Hui!
Checking out...
Bye Awana!
Waiting for the shuttle bus up to First World Hotel!
Taxi was RM50 so I didn't want to waste so much money and decided to wait a while.

Finally reached Genting Theme Park!

This ride is so fun!

Yes! Genting is back with a new ride! It's called Stinger! You will feel like a bee flying around and splashing through water during the ride! Read more about it below:

Ready to get on the ride!

Thank you Genting and Nuffnang for giving us the opportunity to be one of the first few people in Malaysia to try out this new ride! There was an opening ceremony and the bosses of Genting were there and some even tried out the new ride. The queue was quite long but we were privileged to be able to cut the long queue and be one of the first few to take the ride. (Felt so paiseh when the people were staring at us and be like "wtf? why they get to ride before us?!". Sorry Sorry)
Look at the queue! It was a few rows long! ><

So let's talk about the ride!
The ride was quite fun as it combines the thrill of a rollercoaster ride and the splashing fun of a water ride. I liked it though I thought it was a tad bit too short. Haha I wished it was longer! XD
Tips: If you don't wanna get soaked, remember to take the back seat cos I didn't know and I took the front seat and I was drenched! X.X

They offered a waterproof suit but I can't be bothered to wear it and I ended up looking like a retard walking around riding other rides after that. Not to mention that it was rather cold up there!
So quickly get yo asses ready to be wet and head up to Genting Highlands to try this new ride this weekend!
The all park pass just costs RM70, it's like one of the cheapest theme park in the world already, compared to Legoland and USS, Genting Theme Park is really a good deal!
If you're coming on a peak period, you can also purchase their VIP pass for only RM90 and you can cut the queue! Hahah evil right! ;)
I really really love Genting Highlands because of the cool weather! It's like the best place to be in Malaysia!

Hehe.. Complimentary Voucher~

Look at the yellow and black balloons! Specially decorated for the launching of the ride!

Yes you certainly will! Remember to bring extra clothes!

So cute right?
(The "boat")



After the Stinger ride we went to take a few more rides before returning back to KL.

The view is damn awesome up here!
Must take this ride again with contact lenses next time!
They didn't allow me to go with my glasses on... :(

This ride was fun too!

And we decided to ride this... -.-

I look oversized for this ride!

Me taking a selca of Jun Hui taking a Selca!

With awesome SizzlingSuzai!
Thank you so much for your pictures!!! :D

We took the cable car to the skyway station and the bus back to KL.
Look at the breathtaking view of the ride back!
Frankly speaking I was freaking my ass off during this ride because I am scared of heights ok?!
This picture doesn't do justice for the magnificent view up here!
You should come and experience it yourself!

So that's all for today!
Check back for the Kpop Dream Concert update soon!
(Real soon!)


Wednesday, 29 May 2013

First time going for a recording at a radio station!

Yes! So I went to MY FM for a recording with my friend to promote her school's activity and to play some games on air! Wow!
Ever wondered how does a radio recording station look like in Malaysia?
Check the pictures out below! :)

Btw i met Taeyeon on my way to the place. LOL
DJ on air.

With Siu Hui!
Long time no see! Y u so pretty?!?!
With the DJ on duty! :D

The recording mic! 
Dunno how many famous people spoke into it before?

Visitors' Pass!

Took a photo at the main entrance of the building!
Yes it's owned by ASTRO!

All the FMs recording rooms!

One of the studios!

I was quite nervous as it is my first time going for a recording and I ended up speaking so little. But it was definitely a good experience! :D


Pee Mak Movie Premiere!

Wow! So this is my first time attending a movie premiere! Haha! Maybe to many other bloggers it's their 8435th time attending one, but I'm new ok?? Lol.. Feels great when you get to watch a movie two weeks ahead of everyone else! :D

Premiere tickets! XD

Let's talk about the movie!

It's the highest grossing locally produced movie in Thailand. Pee Mak is a Thai soldier who left his pregnant wife at home while he went to fight for a war. When he returned, his wife was already dead and what was left is her soul in the house....

OK enough! No more spoilers! :D
 I really recommend everyone to watch this movie because it is really damn awesome!
This movie is a perfect combination of a touching love story, horror film and a comedy!
I think the branding of this film is a bit misleading, it is not as scary as you thought it would be. Trust me!
It's in Thai language but there are tri-lingual subtitiles so don't worry!
Don't you hate dubbed movies? Like they sound so fake right? Lost the originality of the whole movie. I'd rather watch a movie in its original language and read the subtitles. I'm pretty sure many of you guys agree with me. :D

This is not the actress.. haha

Have you noticed something?
Yes! All of the actors have their sides shaved! LOL
These 4 are damn funny! Srsly! Made the whole cinema burst into laughter for 10000 times! Hahaha!

So what are you waiting for??
Catch it in your local cinemas in 6th June!

Monday, 20 May 2013


FIVE of Korea's most popular groups will be performing at 
Arena Of Stars, Genting Highlands this 23 and 24 May.
YES! You did not hear me wrong!
 They are:
One of my all-time favourite girl groups!
5 members girl group consisting of Gayoon, Hyuna, Jihyun, Jiyoon and Sohyun!
Their songs are fantastic, even those solo releases are!
Hit Songs include: I My Me Mine, Hot Issue, Mirror Mirror...
Remember the sexy girl from Gangnam Style MV?
She is Hyuna from 4Minute!!!
My favourite!!! <3
4 members group consisting of Hyorin, Dasom, Bora and Soyou
They are popular in Korea for their sexy dance moves and style, but also can pull off a cute and fresh image!
Bora is the powerful rapper while Hyorin has amazing vocals that she is known as Korea's Beyonce!
BTOB (Born To Beat)
They just debut last year with their song "Insane" which quickly rose to many charts. 2012 was a year with many strong comebacks from many singers and strong debuts from Entertainment powerhouses such as SM and YG. But they still managed to grab a spotlight despite all these fierce competition.
Brown Eyed Girls
Debut in 2008, rose to fame across Asia with their single "Abracadabra" which topped various charts across Asia. They have a strong dressing style and is considered as one of the "fierce" and "powerful" girl groups out there. Gain from B.E.G. starred in PSY's latest MV "Gentleman". Even the "arrogant dance" was originated from their song "Abracadabra".
Voice? She has it.
Dance? She has it.
Variety skills? She has it.
Looks? She also has it!
Meet the one and only, G.Na!
An all rounded artist who released hit songs such as 2Hot.

Wanna be amazed and wowed by their stunning performances? 
Date: 23/24 May 2013
Time: 8:30pm
Venue: Arena Of Stars, Genting Highland
For more details, please visit:

Also, Resort World Genting is up with another amazing ride!
Take the plunge with Malaysia's First & Tallest Hydromagnetic coaster @ 6118 feet above sea level!

Love the excitement and thrill of a roller coaster?
Also love the fun of Water Splashing at you during a water ride?
Then this ride is for you!
"Combining the thrills of a roller coaster and the fun of a water ride, Stinger is a water that defies gravity and promises a splashing good time. Experience a "magnetic pull" of the ascent, follow by the exhilarating speeds of the downhill drops!" By Resort World Genting

It's been a while since I visited Resort World Genting's theme park. I used to visit it frequently when I was little for the theme park and also to escape the heat of KL.
Since I went to Singapore 4 years ago, I have not been there and now that I'm back, I really want to re-visit Genting Highlands again to try the all-new Stinger Ride!
 So what are you waiting for? Head up to Resort World Genting to try out their new ride!
For more details, please visit:

I would like to meet my all time favourite Kpop girl group-4Minute!
Hot and Sexy, chic and cute, beautiful and gorgeous, talented and fantastic, this group is definitely the best girl group out there and it would be every guy's dream come true just to meet them!
I have been their fan since last year when I started listening to Kpop. I fell in love with them immediately after listening to their songs and watching their MVs such as I My Me Mine, Mirror Mirror, Hot Issue. Loving each and every song released by them, following all their news, watching all their variety shows they've guested in and watching all their videos on YouTube. I'm just one step away to complete my fandom, that is to meet them personally. It would be my DREAM COME TRUE for me if I am able to meet them. Please let me meet them!!!
Dream come true in a Kpop Dream Concert!
Inception! Lol

So head to Genting Highlands to watch K-POP DREAM CONCERT and also to try out their STINGER HYDROMAGNETIC COASTER!