Friday, 14 June 2013

Seoul Korea Korean Restaurant- Best Korean Restaurant

This is really by far the best korean restaurant I have ever had. I have dined at many Korean Restaurants and I am confident to say that this is definitely one of the top Korean restaurants in Malaysia and Singapore.

The banchans (side dishes) here are of top notch quality and they do take every one of the their banchans seriously! Do note that banchans are free and free flow! ^0^

It's a restaurant located above a shoplot.

Look at the queue omg! Expect to queue for about 45 minutes minimum if your queue starts at the ground floor. There were only 2 tables before us and we had to wait for about 20 minutes.

Every table is equipped with a smoke absorber which I like, because you won't smell like BBQ that much after you finish BBQing in the end of the day.

Seriously, their banchans are the best of the best! There's even preserved meat, anchovies and dried seaweed! And it's unlimited!

Kimchi Jiggae aka kimchi stew.
Very flavorful and delicious! Stuffed with lots of different ingredients!

Dolsot bibimbap!
The sauce went well with all the different ingredient inside. The whole dish tasted very "integrated" after mixing them altogether. Yummy!

I liked the sauce alot. Very delicious too!

We went for like 3 rounds for these 5 banchans.
The mini japchae was damn refreshing!

They also provided us with free ginger tea and watermelon after our meal.

Food: 9.5/10
Definitely the best Korean Meal I've ever had. This can also be proven by the long line of people waiting outside.

Ambience: 7.5/10
The ambience was  quite OK but I liked the idea of the wooden table partitions. I don't like sit near to other people when I eat. Not that I'm autistic or something, just that I don't like to be near to other people that I don't know when I'm eating. So uncomfortable.

Service: 7/10
Service was average only and since it's an ultra busy restaurant, the boss is like hinting us to leave after sitting for a while. But the staff were polite and helpful.

Price: RM67 for everything above.
A bibimbap (RM18), tteokbokki (RM25) and Kimchi Jiggae (RM18).
Plus 10% service.
What I like about korean restaurants is they don't charge GST. I don't mind paying the service charge if the service is good, but I don't like to pay GST.

I did not try their BBQ this time but I am sure to return to this restaurant again!
Highly recommended!

Seoul Korea Restaurant
1-1(1st), Plaza Danau 2,
Jalan 4/109F,
Taman Danau Desa,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.

I don't know whether you can call and book or not, but I'm pretty sure you can, because it's written on their card. But if you are not calling, be sure to reach early or you will have to queue for a long time.


Pandan Lake Seafood Village 旺星(六福)酒家

Octopus went well with the seasoned jelly fish.
Clam too dry. Stir fried peas were average.
Fishball was quite good. Crab roe topping didnt make much difference though.
Fried wrap was average.

Sharks fin soup was very good! The sweetness of scallops complimented very well with the sharks fins and crab. Amount of sharks fin, scallops and crabs were plentiful.

Suckling pig not seasoned very well. But there was the dipping sauce so its fine!

Fish was steamed nicely as expected from a restaurant who specializes in fishes. But the fish was not very fresh. Dissapointed.

Stir fried prawns with honey sauce. Garlic smell was too overpowering. Prawns were not fresh. Taste wasnt great either. Bad.

Braised sea cucumber with bean curd skin and mushrooms. Braised sauce went well with the sea cucumber, was able to bring out the natural taste of sea cucumber,  but not with the beancurd skin. Sauce should be more flavourful to further compliment the beancurd skin.

8 treasures glutinous rice was very good. Perhaps the second best dish after the sharks fins soup tonight. Very generous on the ingredients also. Able to smell the fragrance of dried shrimps from a distance. Worth trying.

Soup was too sweet. 
Lotus paste pie was not as nice because they let it set in the kitchen for too long. Coffee mochi was supposed to compliment the hot lotus paste pie because its a cold dessert but as mentioned above the pie wasnt hot anymore. However the coffee mochi was nice.

Food: 6/10
Disappointing. Although this restaurant boasts many pictures of the Hong Kong foodie which I forgot his name, I think he is either paid to do it or he has a share in this restaurant. Ingredients were of low quality and cooking skills were below par. Definitely won't recommend someone to eat here. However, I think I am going to give it another chance where I will return and try their freshwater fish as this restaurant is famed for their freshwater fishes. Maybe I will be surprised. (Don't keep my hopes too high haha)

Ambience: 7.5/10
It is located beside a lake, but it makes no differences as we are dining in the dining area and there wasn't any view of the lake. The restaurant just feels like a normal more upscale restaurant with air-cond.

Service: 6/10
I think the waiters and waitresses were rushing for reincarnation. -.-
They just threw the whole stack of wet tissue with rubber band on our table and left.

The menu above was a RM800 menu. It is actually a wedding dinner of my mom's friend and I definitely think it is overpriced given that the food was such a disappointment.

Regardless of the mediocre food and service here, I sincerely wish the newly weds to have a happy life ever after! :D 

Address: Lot 28, Jalan Perdana 3/8, Pandan Perdana, 55300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 


Acer & Intel "PLAYsure Redefined Party!

Few weeks ago I attended the launching party for Acer Aspire P3 Ultrabook and Aspire R7 Notebook. I feel like getting it after looking at their products!

This Ultraportable Ultrabook™ makes life much easier for many of us who travels around and who hates carrying heavy laptops. Weighing only 800grams, we can literally just slip it in our backpacks and off we go!

The Detachable keyboard altogether with the 11.6 inch Touch Centric HD display, makes it a wonderful combination of a laptop and tablet!

Another noteworthy thing is it uses the i3 processor! And you get all these awesomeness packed in one Ultrabook!

Come to the most important thing, the price! It's very affordable at only RM1799! 
Yes you heard me right! 
Watchu waiting for??? Go buy now!!!

Then the next star product, Acer Aspire R7!
I think this is also a really revolutionary design by Acer, as I have not seen any notebooks of this kind before.
As you have seen in the picture, it can be used in 4 different modes, Ezel, Notebook, Display and Pad mode.
Ezel mode enables you to reach the touch screen easier as the screen is brought forward and this makes combining touch control and typing more comfortable and efficient.

Notebook mode enables you to use it like a normal laptop but wait! There's another special feature of this laptop! the touch pad is above the keyboard! Don't you hate it when you type on your laptop and you acidentally touch your touchpad? So annoying right?? This laptop helps you get rid of that trouble by placing the touchpad above the keypad!

Display mode allows you to present your work to someone else by just flipping over the screen. The conventional tablet notebook is so troublesome as you have to twist the screen and most of the time, the screen get spoilt. But with the new Aspire R7, you can confidently show your work to your clients/teachers/friends!

Pad mode allows you to use it like a touch notepad, with the Full HD display which makes visual pop with life, and four speakers plus Dolby® Home Theater® v4 pump out four times the acoustic power of conventional notebooks.

Ok, so back to the launch party. 
It happened on 23rd March at Poppy Garden Club.
Food and free flow of Calrsberg!
hehe :3
There was also lucky draw and one of the prizes was a pair of tickets to GD's concert in Malaysia!!!
Too bad I didn't win it... :/

Pictures time!! XD
Poppy Garden at Jalan P Ramlee!

So we sat down and chilled for the whole night.

Explaining their products!

 Took at the photo booth!

With Sizzling Suzai!
Haha always see her in many events!

The club is so colddd >.<

Lastly, a pic of the beautiful DJ for the night!

Thank you Nuffnang for inviting me and I hope that I can win the Acer Aspire P3 Ultrabook! XD


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Kpop Dream Concert Malaysia 2013!

I still can't believe it. I went to a Kpop concert and saw Kpop stars LIVE!!!
I really wanna thank Nuffnang and Genting once again for inviting me!
This is my second time attending a concert. My first time to a concert was during last year when I attended Lady Gaga's concert in Singapore. 
So we took a bus up to Genting from Puduraya which cost about RM11 only. (I'm so going to Genting again in the future! XD) We arrived there about 3:30pm and took the shuttle bus to Awana Hotel. 
Rested for a while and got our tickets from Darren.
Left at 5pm.

Saw at the hotel! I didn't zoom the camera at all! She was this close!
I passed by the hotel lobby and saw many people crowding there and after asking an uncle over there, he told us that they were waiting for Sistar. See them in real life?? Hell Yeah I'm joining the crowd too!
Waited for about 15 minutes and saw the managers coming down with all the stars' luggage. After a while, came down being surrounded by guards and after another 5-10 minutes or so, Sistar came down! 
I just managed to take pictures of because my phone camera died RIGHT WHEN SISTAR APPEARED! WTF MAX! As the situation was quite chaotic, my gigantic key necklace was hooked to a bodyguard's shirt for a while and he had to shake his arm to get rid of it LOL. It wasn't me, everyone was pushing to the front and I happened to be one of the first few so.. yeah..
After that, we rushed to have dinner and went to the arena. Lucky there wasn't many people. We sat on the floor while waiting for the arena to be filled up.

Started the concert with Sistar's sexy performances!
I prefer their day2 outfits..
Their live performance was damn awesome! Great dance and vocals!

4Minute Time!!!
Didn't sing I My Me Mine which is one of my fav son from 4Minute.
They are all so pretty and cute and sexy and talented and etc etc...
I just love them so much!!!

OMG HYUNA!!! <3 <3 <3
I finally get to meet Hyuna!!!
The love of my life hahaha
And something happened between us..
read on! XP
Oh Black &White!!!!
She's just 2Hot!!!

I was cheering and hyper for the previous three groups so when they came out it was like chill and rest time for me. Hahaha Not that I hate them or something, (actually I like Wow and Insane by them) but the girls around were screaming their lungs off omg!
Last but not least! Korea's Sexy Attitude Girl Group, Brown Eyed Girls!
They were so charismatic!

Ending the official photos list with Narsha.
She's so cute and sexy!!!
Bagel girl hahaha

I wasn't supposed to post this because we are not supposed to take photos in a concert but I really have to post this! Yes you did not see it wrongly, Hyuna sent me a flying kiss!
And I am 1000% sure the flying was directed to me, and so, let me explain:
1. I was wearing a bright blue jacket which makes me stand out from the crowd a lot.
2. I was super close since I am in the front of the rock zone.
3. I was taller compared to those around me which reiterates my 1st point of standing out.
4. I waved like a retard and made big hearts sign with one hand and sent a flying kiss to her.
And when she noticed me, she replied by sending me a flying kiss!
Sohyun sent me a heart sign too but didn't manage to take a picture of it.
So moral of story is, if you want your idols to notice you, wear noticeable clothing!
I'm so gonna wear a neon-glow-in-the-dark shirt with LED lights on it the next time I'm going to a concert!
*giggles* I kid.

After the one and a half hour of awesomeness, the concert came to an end and when we were heading back, we saw many fans gathering along the slope of the backstage area. We too joined the crowd and I saw a bus there waiting. I walked on the slope and hid behind a tree to prevent guards from seeing me and chasing me away, so I was right beside the bus and if anyone is in the bus, he or she can clearly see me. I was really hoping that 4Minute will board the bus but in the end, BTOB appeared. =.=
I was quite dissapointed but its alright since I didnt put in much effort also.
I took a photo of the leader as he saw me from the bus and waved to me but due to low lighting, the picture turned out extremely blur...

Chilled at Mcd for a while before going back to our hotel.