Friday, 26 July 2013

Glitter Palace Seafood Restaurant

Went to Glitter Palace Seafood Restaurant for dinner few weeks ago. They are just opened for business not long ago and they are frequently full house.

My youngest cousin Jerryco! So cute right!

A random shot of the restaurant.

Lotus root soup. My mom cooks better soup than this. Period.

Butter prawns. Tasted delicious! Prawn was nicely done, not overcooked nor undercooked. And the coating is quite complex with lots of ingredients which blend well together.

Claypot braised pork belly in HockChiew Red Wine Sauce The fragrance of hock chiew red wine combined with the melt in your mouth pork literally brings you to heaven! As a hockchiew person, I am always a fan of our trademark red wine. Its used for cooking and it is damn amazing! Omg I am blogging about this at 12:24am and I am damn hungry already!!!  

The boat! The white thing with mayonaise is what chinese normally call 龙须卷 aka dragon whiskers roll if translated directly. But it was a disaster! The deep fried bee hoon tasted like petrol... -.- You know the taste of expired fried crackers? Yes it tasted like that. :/ This is probably the biggest let down of the restaurant. The other starter was something like a fishball with prawns in it. Tasted normal. 

Egg tofu. Look at the gravy overflowing lol. Poor estimation but it is really nice if you eat it with white rice. Ahh comfort food ftw!

Claypot braised fish in cantonese yellow wine. Yes another wine dish! Haha our family is sure addicted to wine dishes! This dish was quite delicious too as the yellow wine went perfectly well with the tilapia. 
But what sauce does not go well with tilapia? Tilapia is such a versatile fish which you can cook it using almost every single style you can think of. But not sashimi, I guess? Lol
So the deliciousness of this dish really depends on the quality of yellow wine they use. For this case, the yellow wine was quite fragrant, so its good!

Stir fried romaine in fermented beancurd paste. If you like fermented beancurd, you will like this dish very much because they really put in lots of fermented beancurd!

Price: About 350-400 for the dishes above. It is enough for a table of 10 so I think the price is quite reasonable. Maybe a little higher but definitely worth it! Just dont order those that I mentioned that is bad.

What I like:
Food is generally above average. Recommended if you want a better family dinner.

What I dislike:
Service was bad. Waiters were not professionally trained at all. Do not hold your events here even though this restaurant is quite big if you dont want to embarass yourself. They don't serve the dishes in order. The soup arrived first, but was taken to a side table after a while, and the prawn next, and the pork. The starter only came in during the fourth dish. -.-

In short, this place is good for a family dinner if you want a nice bright place to sit down and enjoy your food.

32A, 36, 38, 38A, Jalan Temeggung 15/9 (Bandar Mahkota Cheras)
CherasSelangor 43200 
+60 3-9011 8876

Sunday, 14 July 2013

How To Make Korean Kimchi!

Hey guys! I'm going to share with all of you how to make Korean Kimchi!
Making kimchi is actually very fun and not very hard. It just needs your patience and everyone can make delicious kimchi! Everyone has their own different ways of making kimchi and if you have another recipe, please feel free to comment on how you make your kimchi! ;)
It's gonna be a picture by picture tutorial to make it easier for you to learn! :D

Long cabbage 2kg
Spring Onion 8 big stalks
Leek 2 stalks
Carrot half
Pear one
Fish sauce 2 tblsp
Glutinous rice flour 3tblsp
Salt 2 cups
Shrimp paste 2tblsp
Sugar 1tblsp
Chilli powder (Gochugaru) 5tblsp
10cloves garlic
Half an onion
3 slices of ginger

Wash all the vegetables.
Cut cabbage into half and make another line at the end of the cabbage for it to absorb the salt easily.
Rub it with lots of salt between the leaves. It's better to rub it leave by leave.
Soak cabbage in salt for 2-3 hours. Meanwhile, prepare other ingredients.
Cook flour in a saucing pan, add 2 cups of water and stir constantly above low heat.
A glue-like paste will appear and add sugar into the paste.
Let it cool.
Blend ginger, onion and garlic together. 
Shred carrot and pear.
Cut spring onion and leeks.
Add chili powder into the rice paste.
Stir in all the remaining ingredients.

Take the soggy cabbages out from the salt and wash it thoroughly.
How do you know whether your cabbage is ready?
Just twist it backwards to form a U shape and if it doesn't break off, it is ready!
Wash it for at least 4 times to get rid of the salt.
Lay the last leaf of cabbage on the plate.
Grab a handful of the paste.
Place it at the bottom of the leaf.
And swipe it across the whole leaf! Whee~

Repeat the steps above on a new sheet of leaf until the whole cabbage is covered with the red paste.
Place it into a container.
Store it into a fridge and let it ferment for a few days for a better taste.
Enjoy your kimchi!

Note: Don't throw away the liquid formed at the bottom of the kimchi, it is the best part of making kimchi! You can use it for cooking many dishes! I will blog about it soon! Stay tuned!


Saturday, 13 July 2013

Yes Sir! I'm One Of A Kind!

Yes! I went to G-Dragon's first solo World Tour in Singapore two Saturdays ago! It was definitely awesome and One Of A Kind! To make the whole event even more exciting and awesome for me, 2NE1 is invited as their guest performers! HOLYSHIT I've met 2NE1 and I still can't believe it!!!
The pictures aren't that close up because I was seated quite far away from the stage.
Shuai! Swag checked!

So happy to see the yellow sea!

Saw a blackjack light stick!

CL The Baddest Female!!!

The butterflies are so pretty!

GD singing "Missing You" featuring Kim Yuna. Kim Yuna wasn't there but there was a video recording played. The same goes for a song featuring Tablo.
Kim Yuna's voice is so nice! Love it max!

With ma dearest noona!
Thank you so much for the tickets! :D

With Jie Jie and Jie Fu! XP

I like this whole scene so much! The giant studs behind is so cool!

Close up view of the dj station!


Can't nobody can't nobody hold us down!

GD thanking the fans for coming!

GD and his famous deep bow!

Mao Mao, Jie Jie, Chih-Yang and I!

Met Patricia Mok!
She looks like she's a hardcore fan of GD. Just look at her outfit! 0.0

In short, GD's concert is totally DAEBAK! His charisma and talents combined with the high technology visual and audio effects made the crowd rock along with his awesome music such as Heartbreaker, A Boy, One Of A Kind, Crayon, Missing You and many more! Definitely a One Of A Kind Experience!

We then went hoboing after the concert around Chinatown area with Sizzling Suzai!
Chilling at Macs while waiting for a karaoke room at Kbox at Chinatown!
Me posing with Sizzling Suzai's cool cap! Hahaha

Le drinks at Kbox!

The room is soooo big!!!

Eating breakfast at 4+am in the morning at some restaurant opposite a masjid at Chinatown!
Saw so many people who seem like they just finished clubbing.
Can't wait to try it out when I'm of legal age hahaha!
Shhhh -.-|||

Ending this post with Starbucks!
We went to Bugis around 7+am and had Starbucks after a sleepless night!
Dozed off for like half an hour lol