Friday, 9 August 2013

Shogun Japanese Buffet Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid

Shogun has been around for quite some time and I have yet to taste it before till two weeks ago. To sum it up, there is great variety but low quality. Although the photos may look appetizing, don't be fooled. Haha
Most probably I'm not returning here again after my experience here. Before more of my comments, let's look at the "sumptuous" looking spread! @.@

Firstly, the sushi spread!
Taste so-so...
Tried to be creative by making all sorts of weird combinations, some worked, some sucked.

Korean Section.
Don't come near this section. Gross. Sucked. BIG TIME.

Dessert Section.
Erm... Mostly Cheapskate desserts. Period.

Japanese Side Dishes.

Baby Octopus.
Omg... Worst baby octopus I've ever tasted man!

Sashimi spread.
Probably the most edible section compared to others since it's rather fresh.

Malay Food Section.
I like Malay Food but I'm not even interested to take anything from this section.

Takoyaki and stuff.
Takoyaki tasted like flour balls...

Miscellaneous. Oh I liked the river eel. Taste abit like unagi so... yeah.

Fried baby crabs! I liked it too.
There wasn't anything for us to dip for the fried salmon skin and yet the batter is tasteless :/
Cheese Scallops and the cheese is super sweet yuck.

Dad and mom.
They didn't like it too lol

Sweet cheese on oyster yuck.

Asam Laksa.

Ais Kacang.



I personally think it's over priced based from the food quality they prepared. For the prices, I rather go to MAIU. (Click on the link) It is seriously way better in my opinion.

Self Service. Waiters will come occasionally to clear your tables.
Front table was polite.

So in short, I don't think it's a good place to dine at based on the quality of food.
Tell me your opinions! :)