Saturday, 28 September 2013

MY FM FANTASTIC 15之宫成西就 Concert

Went to MY FM Fantastic 15 Concert few weeks ago and only had time to post the pictures now. Haha

As some of you might know, I don't really listen to Chinese Music except for Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai. Hence, I do not know almost all of the songs performed that night. However I was lucky to stand at the rockzone thanks to my coursemate Xiao Lan. She went to queue for the tickets at Sunway Pyramid!

The artists who performed that night were:
张敬轩、Mr.、Kary 吴雨霏、周柏豪、Evan Yo 蔡旻佑、Olivia Ong、AK、宥胜、乔毓明、付辛博;以及本地的东于哲、Peace张诒博、Alvin 钟瑾桦、Pink陈珂冰、Bell 宇田、Fuying & Sam、苏盈之、赵洁莹、Nicole赖淞凤 。 (Credit to

Took quite a few of good shots! :D


The "Queen" was definitely my favourite performer of the night!

Some of the songs were quite nice and I liked them. I also like the format of the whole concert which the DJs dressed as royals come out after every artist performed to connect the whole concert like a story. It was like a live comedy and concert combined! :D

Okay that's all!

Friday, 27 September 2013

Introducing My Unforgettable Travel Story: Vietnam

As a teenager, I have traveled to several countries in Asia such as China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore. All these trips are pieces of memories embedded in my mind, but there is this one trip that has impacted my view towards life and will stay on within my heart forever. This trip is a charity to Vietnam with my high school classmates two years ago. It may not be much of a fancy and luxurious trip, but it is certainly a big eye opener and serves as a very impactful life lesson to me. 

This trip is actually a community involvement project trip to teach orphans in Vietnam english. It is a long term project involving my high school and an orphanage in Ho Chih Minh City in Vietnam. Every year, our school will send students over for a period of 6-7 days to teach their orphans how to converse in basic English. As we can see, English is a vital language globally and in order to grab a piece of the economic pancake, we need English to communicate with people to do business. 

We understand our 6 days in Vietnam might not equip them with adequate English Language proficiency but our main purpose is to expose them to English using fun and interactive methods so that they will be interested in this important key to success in the future. With this in mind, we designed lessons and games related to English that are fun to attract their interest. 

On the first night, we arrived at Ho Chih Minh City's International Airport and we were welcomed by few of the orphans. We then headed over to the orphanage for supper and checked into our hotel which was few steps away from the orphanage. 

During the second day, we went over to the orphanage for a formal introduction to their members of the big family and the household. 

Son Ky Orphanage is a 2-floor building and a rooftop space located in Ho Chih Minh City. It consists of about 50 male orphans aged from 8-18 years old. It is run by director Mr Jerome Manh which is a man of great wisdom and philosophy. I really admire his effort and dedication put into this orphanage over the years and he has my outmost respect for it.

Son Ky Orphanage

 We introduced ourselves to each other and had a few ice-breaking games to get closer to each other. My classmates and I were split into 3 teams which are Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Basic consist of children who has little or no English exposure at all and we will introduce them to alphabets and simple english words. Intermediate consist of children who already have some knowledge in English and can speak simple sentences. Advanced are mostly those teenagers who can already converse in English and they will be helping us to translate from English to Vietnamese for their little brothers.

The children sleeps on these bunk beds every night...
No mattress, only a mat.

All the orphans lined up to greet us for the first time.
One minute they were running around the place and when Mr Manh calls it a halt all of them lined up in rows.
So disciplined!

Musical Chair

We also played football and frisbee with them. 

Dinner time! We had most of our meals in the orphanage and honestly their cook cooks delicious food!
And look at all the kitchenware arranged nicely on the table, the kids prepared all these before every meal for us! So touched!

We cleared the dishes every single meal! That's how delicious they were!
Omg how I miss their food there! :(

We taught them basic English such as Greetings, Self-Introduction and Simple vocabulary.
They were rather attentive although they are kids.

This is written by my "student"~
Look at his handwriting! Better than mine lolol

Besides from teaching them English, we also got to tour around some parts of Ho Chih Minh City along with them. They introduced their country and culture to us and showed us around.

Mekong Delta Tour:
We cruised the river in this kind of boat while enjoying fruits such as coconut and lychee in it. :D

Enjoying tropical fruits at a bamboo hut.

Boat tour along the swamp.

A huge Phyton in the Mekong area which is a kid's pet omg.

Long table dining.
Longest table I've ever dined on haha

Motorcycles all over the place.
This is a common sight in Vietnam

City Tour:

Ho Chih Minh is a beautiful city combining the past and current architectures.

We also visited Cu Chi Tunnels. The tunnels are used during the Vietnam war against their enemies and now are preserved and turned into a war memorial park.
It is a very interesting place consisting of many tunnels where you can crawl into and explore.
Don't worry, it's safe! :)

We played paintball at the memorial park and it's so cheap!

Peter! One of the orphans who brought us around Ho Chih Minh!

A foodstall by the roadside. It's like a croissant sandwich.

Throughout these 6 days, the bond created between us are stronger than you can imagine. We really had fun playing with each other. Unfortunately, we had to bid goodbye to them during the last night. We had a really sumptuous dinner together with them (normally they eat after us) and just played around with them since it was the last night.

We went there again during the last day to bid goodbye. It was really saddening for us because we already felt really close to the kids but we had to leave. Everyone also donated some money to the orphanage and they bought a new washing machine with it.

Some of the pictures we took during the last day:

The boy in red jersey is Huy. He is 13 years old and he is one of my favourite ones.

With another one of my favourite boys, Tan.

With Mr Manh, the director of the orphanage. Salute!

Ending it with a random pic of us after dinner at the orphanage during one of the nights. :)

We left Ho Chih Minh City and during the flight, so many things were going on in my mind. I thought of how well off I am compared to them and I am still so unsatisfied with my already happy life. During this trip, I found out that many people in this world are actually struggling to make ends meet while I am here complaining that my material "wants" are not satisfied. I should learn to be happy with what I already have and not to be not happy with what I don't have. I also found out that we must help those people who are in need in our society in any sorts of method we can, not only monetary wise. I also realised that happiness can be of the smallest and simplest thing in this world such as receiving love but not materialistic objects. This can be seen from the children's happy faces when we visited them and interacted and had fun with them.
So this basically sums up my trip to Vietnam! :D
If I have a chance, I will surely return to Ho Chih Minh City and visit them one day! I am also inspired to take part in more volunteering projects in my own country to help those who are in need.

p.s. The photos were so badly taken using my phone only becasue I didn't have a camera
and I looked so horrible back then that I hesitated to post them haha so please bear with them ok. XD

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