Tuesday, 17 September 2013

San Nae Deul Korean Restaurant @ Publika

My love for Korean food never stops. I just wanna try out more and more Korean Restaurants around the world. This time, I went to San Nae Deul Korean Restaurant at Publika with my ex-colleague which is also my food buddy!

I like Publika so much! So artsy and classy!

The Menu!

The grill!
Most BBQ Restaurants make you leave with smelly clothing but this doesn't! You won't smell like smoke after dining here! :D

The interior.


The banchans are nicely arranged along the ends of the grilll.

Their kimchi tastes great although not fermented long enough.

Free Kimchi Soup! 

Their bibimbap uses sunny side up instead of raw egg. Tasted fine too!
I guess only dolsot bibimbap uses raw egg?

꽃등심- Ribeye
Just look at the marbling on the meat! Makes one drool just by looking omg.
But it's expensive. RM68 for just 4 small tiny pieces of meat...
However it's one of the best beef I've ever tried! So juicy and flavorful!

The waitress grilling the meat for us.

Marinated Pork. The marinade was delicious!

Meet Michelle! Thank you for the dinner! XD

Food: 8/10
Awesome BBQ! Recommended!

 Service: 8/10
Rather attentive waiters/waitresses.
There were even waiters standing by the door to open/close the door and greet you!

Ambience: 8/10
Nice bright atmosphere with lots of Korean Posters. Great place to dine in.
Except we had a bunch of loud China people conversing so loud as if they are arguing. :/

Price: Around RM150 for 2 pax
Quite expensive but it's very nice!

Go try it out when you are nearby!


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