Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Dragon-i Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid

After a whole day of unproductive revision (for me cos I had no mood haha) in campus library with my coursemates, we decided to have dimsum for dinner! We walked to Sunway Pyramid's Dragon-i which is famous for their Xiao Long Baos and had our dinner there! Since everyone was planning not to use much money, we wanted to just order some dimsum and save money. However, we were so tempted by the menu and we decided to have a full dinner!

Dinner with Yvonne, Xiao Lan, Yuen Yuen and Yan Qing! XD

The night view from our table is awesome!

Hahaha just...Hahaha
My all time favourite Lau Sar Pau aka Molten egg yolk custard bun!
Finally got to settle my cravings for it after more than two months!

Look at the lava-like fillings dripping out!
Of course this is not the best Lau Sar Pau that I have tasted. This one was quite thick in terms of the bun. The best one I have tasted was in Singapore's Canton Paradise which is under the Paradise Food Group so I believe that almost all Paradise Chain restaurants serve Lau Sar Pau up to that standard. Will try it out one day at Malaysia's Paradise Inn!

Xiao Long Bao!
Definitely up to standard!

How to eat Xiao Long Bao:

Bite a hole, drink the soup from the hole and eat the pau with some vinegar and shredded ginger!

It's something like dumplings in chilli oil!
The chilli oil definitely adds a kick to the delicious dumpling!

The dumpling was cooked near to perfection!
Seasoning was balanced, meat was not overcooked and the skin not too soggy.

Salt and Pepper fried tofu.
One of my favourite of the night!
The salt and pepper coating was flavourful and crispy while the tofu inside was soft and subtle.
Would taste even better if they used egg tofu instead of normal tofu.

Stir fried long beans with minced meat.
Good seasoning, only complain would be the long beans were a little bit over cooked it lost it's crunch.

Sze Chuan Style Spicy Fried Cicken
Price was quite high considering the fact that most of the dish was covered with dried chillis, but it is definitely worth trying as it is very delicious! Definitely ordering it again when I'm back here next time!

Half of a roasted duck!
Comes with popiah skin for wrapping with cucumber and onion.
The duck was REALLY soft and tender, although abit dry.
This is one of the rare times where I do not have to chew my teeth off eating a piece of roasted duck meat!
Their roasted duck kinda reminds me of a suckling pig, with its crispy skin and flavourful meat.
However the sauce was TOO salty, overpowering the duck when you eat it so dip sparingly.
Portion was quite small too.

The steamed popiah skin.

This is one of the ways that you can enjoy you roasted duck.
I prefer to have it just with the cucumber and spring onion.


Food: 7.5/10
Definitely up to standard. Living up to it's good name of the chain.

Service: 5/10
Waiters and waitresses were RUSHING to clear our tables.
It wasn't too late (8pm) and the restaurant has plenty of tables left. Are they lack of utensils?
The waitress just threw a piece of used tissue into our bowl when there's still half a piece of dumpling inside. 
And she didn't apologise! Lucky we were in good mood and decided to let it pass. If not...
It's not that half a piece of dumpling that we care about, it's their serving attitude that matters, are waiters and waitresses trained to rush customers into finishing their food??!
Dragon-i, train your front of house staff properly!

Ambience: 8.5/10
Nice view of whole Sunway area from the restaurant. Open concept kitchen where you can see chefs preparing your Xiao Long Baos. Classy and elegant decors. Comfy chairs. Liked it alot!

Price: RM180.50 for 5 pax

That works out to about RM36 per person. Quite expensive for a normal day dinner unless you are rich.
But RM8 for 3 Lau Sar Paus? I will come back if I have my LSP cravings again, especially since it's like 10 minutes walk away from my place.

In short, their food is up to standard but certainly not their waiters and waitresses!
Good chefs but bad waitresses/waiters.

Galactic Laser Dark Awakening Halloween Party @ Sunway Pyramid

Went for the Galactic Laser Dark Awakening Halloween Party at Sunway Pyramid last Saturday. It was a fun night spent! Free food, laser tag games and other games to entertain us throughout the night!

Although you guys might have missed this, don't worry! You still can come all year round for their awesome laser tag games! Check out their website for rates and more info: www.galacticlaser.com

Pictures time! XD


Briefing on how to play the game.

Getting ready!

Off we go!

It was actually damn dark and I think this camera is damn good for low-light capturing!
We were supposed to have a battle of human versus zombies and once you are infected you have a short period of time to use your antidote and if you don't, you will become a zombie and will have to join the zombies to shoot down humans!
Each game lasted about 15-20 minutes and you can play as many times you want for the night!

Me shooting down a small kid hahahaha
I buay paiseh little kid also wanna kill ah LOL

I bet they were having a good time laughing by looking at us running around like idiots from the CCTV screen.

Checking out the score board after the game!

Food! All the food were halloween themed!
Apples which looked like creatures...
Sausages which look like chopped fingers...
Watermelon juice which was supposed to resemble blood?

They organised little games for everyone too.
The kids were the most enthusiastic ones while the adults were so reserved! (like me haha)

They have a huge lounge for organising activities so if you are interested to book the place for private events do visit their website for more info! :)

Last but not least, thank you to Sizzling Suzai for the invite and Galactic Laser for this awesome event!


Saturday, 19 October 2013

Sri Nirvana Maju- Best Banana Leaf Rice!

Fancy eating on banana leaves? It's definitely fun to do it once a while. Went to the famous Sri Nirvana Maju for banana leaf rice. It was awesome!

We waited for about 10 minutes before they could get us a table.

First, they scoop some rice and place it on your leaf.

Then, it's the three free compliment side dishes.

Sri Nirvana Maju's Banana Leaf Rice: Deep fried bitter gourd, egg with chopped long beans and cucumber salad.

My Favourite: Papadam

The star of the restaurant: Kicap Chicken. Delicious Delicious Delicious!

Fried squid which I think wasn't good as expected but still awesome.

All of these, plus two glasses of lime juice, costs RM39 for 2 pax.

They say you should fold up the banana leaf to show that you are done with your dinner.

Food: 8/10
Delicious Indian Food! Gonna come back in the future~ Their Kicap Chicken is a must try!

Service: 8/10
So many helpers in the restaurant hence making service and serving fast and prompt. They are very polite too!

Ambience: 6/10
Just your normal mamak restaurant feel. Not stuffy which is a good thing.

Price: 39 for 2 pax
Expensive! However I think the food is nice!

  1. Address: 43 Jalan Telawi 3, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Bangsar, Malaysia
    Phone:+60 3-2287 8445
Do drop by if you like banana leaf or would like to try it out!


Friday, 18 October 2013

Brotzeit @ Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia- Oktoberfest 2013

Hey guys! Yes! So I went to Brotzeit another time but this time it's the Malaysia branch. Overall the price is much cheaper than Singapore's but overall quality wise Singapore wins.

Awesome beer!
Hefe Weissbier

Haha Me "holding" the beer only ah~ XD

The waiter told us that he is going to arrange the plates to look like a fish.
=.= lol

Butter Spatzle
I prefer the cheese one in Singapore!

Mash Potatoes!
So smooth and yummy!
Love it!

Me and the platter!

Dinner with Yvonne and Carol!

Our Platter! RM175
The sausages were awesome! Loved the cheese one and spicy one!
The fried pork schnitzel was very thin and I didn't like the flavour of the batter :/
The pork knuckle hiding under the schnitzels and they already cut in into bite size for us!
The pork knuckle was tasteless too, but this time the sauce was slightly better than the Singapore one.

The three of us ordered a platter that could feed five because we thought that the picture looks so little but we felt full when we finished till the picture above. If only one more person was here, it would be perfect.


Food: 7/10
Slightly lower of quality than Brotzeit inSingapore.
But still, their sausages and beer are worth coming for!

Service: 8/10
Polite and patient waiters!

Ambience: 7/10
Was a little hot without an air-cond area.
But the feeling there was quite good.

Price: RM230 for 3 pax.
But the price can actually feed 4-5 people so it's actually quite worth it.

So, if you are craving for some sausages and German beer, come to Brotzeit! XD