Saturday, 30 November 2013

Ipoh Food Trip!

Hello everyone!!! I just came back from Ipoh two days ago with my friends! Our purpose of this trip was plainly to stuff ourselves with the awesome food in Ipoh with the recommendations from our dear friend Xiao Lan! Me and Yvonne went to Ipoh by train from KL Sentral, while Yan Qing went from Pantai Remis and Xiao Lan came to pick us up. Had a really really good time eating, chatting and taking pictures with them. Looking forward for our next trip ya! :DDD

I will post mainly what we did here and leave the restaurants for individual posts. So do check back for more amazing restaurants in Ipoh!

So, me and Yvonne took the ETS from KL Sentral to Ipoh station. The journey lasted 2 hours and 30 minutes and the seats are quite comfy. They also have toilets in the cabins, just like a typical long journey train.

Me and Yvonne
Abit too bright hor~

Plenty of leg space for the first row, but no leg rest...
(Those are not our luggages)

So we reached around 10:30 and went to have supper at 冬菇亭,it's a hawker centre with lots of stalls but it was too late and most restaurants were closed. Managed to grab something since we already got of the car. So we had fried slipper lobster and chee cheong fun.

After that, we went to Ipoh Tuck Kee Restaurant for more because we didn't have enough.
Their meatballs and hokkien meehoon is a must order!

Chicken feet, 滑蛋河 and meatballs at Ipoh Tuck Kee Restaurant.

After that, we went to Xiao Lan's house for a night's stay.
Me, XL, YQ and Yvonne~
Had a great time playing cards and chatting till midnight! :D

Compulsory bag check during outings!
Hahaha I really love bag checks I don't know why.
Like those Korean variety shows such as Family Outing, they also conduct bag checks during outings!

Slept at 5am and planned to wake up at 6:30am but failed. BIG TIME!!!
We ended up waking up at 8+am and reached Ipoh town around 10am.

We were contemplating whether to dine at Fu Shan Dim Sum Restaurant, which is possibly Malaysia's most famous place for dimsum, and Ming Court, which many says they serve better dimsum than Fushan and it's cheaper. We ended up choosing Ming Court. Don't be fooled by it's humble looking restaurant compared to the luxurious looking counterpart, this restaurant really serves good dimsum! Will try out Fu Shan when I re-visit Ipoh soon!

We over-ordered. Some were good, some were bad.
Check out this restaurant in this post: Ming Court

After that, we walked around the streets of Ipoh searching for more delicious food.
(Not exactly searching since we already had the names of the shops in mind.)

Passed by a park.
(She thinks she's cute) Hahaha

Went to Sin Eng Heong for their Salted Egg Yolk Puff Pastry (咸蛋酥) and Kaya Puff Pastry (Kaya 角).
It's like two best things in one shop. Seriously I have never tasted such great ones in KL and other places. Normally this place would be packed with people queuing for their puff pastries but since it's a Monday morning, the crowd was lesser.

After that, we walked to Funny Mountain Soya Bean for their Soya Beancurd.

Very smooth soya beancurd.

Sitting outside the shop and enjoying our hot beancurd although the weather is very hot.
People normally drive and stop in front of the shop and the workers will take orders form them and bring the beancurd to them for them to enjoy in the car. Much better!

Went to some bakery and ordered some cold drinks and chilled since the sun was too hot. 
Oh Ipoh and it's hot weather!

Me and Yvonne.


After that, we went to Aun Kheng Lim for their salted chicken.
Bought 4 whole chickens to be brought back home.

After buying, we went to Ipoh Parade Shopping Mall for a walk in air-cond because the weather was really really really hot. Walked around for a while and we also celebrated Yan Qing's birthday in advance at Starbucks because she would most probably not be with us during her birthday since it's already holidays.

Happy Birthday Yan Qing!!!
Wish you all the best for everything you do and stay awesome!
Enjoy life to the fullest! :D

For the last stop before we step into the train back to KL, we went to 兵如港 for 炸料(Something like Yong Tau Fu but without the black sauce) and Asam Laksa.

The food here is also to die for! So cheap somemore! 
Where in Malaysia can you find RM3 Asam Laksa?!

Ordered a little bit since we were so full.

With our fully filled bellies, we went to Ipoh train station and since it was early, we took some photos there.

YanQing wearing my spectacles haha

Dewan Bandaraya Ipoh
Looks so english right? Along with the court and the train station, the whole place seems so historical! Feels like we are back in 1950 or something Lol..

YQ eating me~

Some "cool" shot.

I like this picture alot.
It might be my profile picture hahaha but I'm gonna post it on my blog first. :D


Ending this post with a random picture which I think is quite cool haha.


Tuesday, 26 November 2013

#NNForPH. Help Philippines!

As we know the Haiyan Typhoon has affected more than 800,000 people in the Philippines, injuring more than 20,000 people and killed more than 5,000 people.

Photo Credit: CNN

We should do our part to help Philippines get through this emergency.
For Nuffnangers, you can donate through your Nuffnang advertising earnings.
I donated all I could, although it's not a big sum since I am a new blogger, I hope that I can help at least a bit.

Click HERE to find out how you can donate by deducting your NN earnings.

For the public, there are many many donation drives going on in places such as shopping malls.
If you own a credit card, you can head over to UNICEF website HERE and donate through them.
Don't donate to unreliable organisations, make sure your money goes to who you are intending to help. :)

Other portals such as:



Tuesday, 12 November 2013

KLCC #likeatourist

Went to KLCC few weeks ago and had fun taking random photos around like a tourist! Had so much fun snapping ourselves away and I had to delete so many photos and choose the best ones to post.
I like this set of photos so much cos they are so colourful and bright!

Group Photo! Look at my pro selca skills! Took it in two shots! Hahaha
On our way to the bus stop in Sunway Pyramid, we received baloons from some random people giving out baloons and we decided to get one and hold on to them till the end of the day. (I suggested that lol)

At the park outside KLCC

Three basic colours!
Seriously we were so easy to be noticed as all of us were carrying a balloon and if we lost someone in the way we could immediately identify where they are! Hahaha

So here's our jump shots:


Xiao Lan


Yan Qing



Model ah hahaha

Used the selective colour function and took several pics



Xiao Blue in Blue!

Yan Qing~

Hahaha kyute right?

Kelly and Candice!
Somewhat I find this photo damn hilarious so I decided to post them! 


Ending the post with gravity defying bowl of noodles.
Haha its actually a display set from the Hawker place at KLCC.

All photos above were taken with my Panasonic Lumix GF5.

I really like "photoshoots" like this! Had so much fun taking pictures with them! Must go out and take many more of these kind of photos! Xiao Lan recently bought a new Canon EOS700D with FLIPSCREEN and 85-300 LENS!!! I tried using it and it is so awesome!!!! Look forward to more HD pictures in the future!!!