Saturday, 9 November 2013

Ril's Steakhouse @ Jalan Telawi, Bangsar

It was around 11am and we were craving for something savoury after a slice of tiramisu at Alexis despite the fact that we already had dinner. We walked past Ril's and contemplated for a while before deciding to not give a fk about our thin wallets and full tummies.

Ril's was voted as Best For Meat in the Time Out KL Food Awards so we decided to give it a try.

We ordered Foie Gras for starter and an Australian Ribeye steak. 

The warm onion loaf was compliments from the restaurant and comes with four types of butter! I wonder how does one really spread all four kinds of butter on one mini loaf of bread?! I tried my best to spread all four kinds of butter to get a taste of everything but in the end I couldn't tell the difference although it tasted really good.

The colourful butter! 
Foie Gras RM46
I forgot what the precise name was but it was stunning! The richness of the seared foie gras was kicked with some berry reduction which awakens our taste buds for the main course.
Australian Ribeye 300g grassfed 
Holy smokes the steak was done to perfect medium rare! For an additional kick and to makes things less greasy, I spread some mustard before pouring the gravy onto the steak. The whole thing is just heaven! The gravy is so flavourful, the juice and fats of the steak just oozes out when you gently chew it! You don't really need to chew it! It literally melts in your mouth! A downfall may be the presence of some tendons and veins which are not chewable and rubbery which the waiter explained that that's where the juice (blood) is so if they cut it off the steak won't be as tasty. He even said some customers liked them and swallow them down!

According to the waiter, their beef is air-flown from Australia and were only fed grass, fruits and even wine! They were hung in the air since birth to ensure minimal movement (explains the fatty and juicy fact), kept indoors in air-conds and were frequently massaged to enhance the tenderness of the meat.

Sides- Sauteed Mushrooms 
Seasoned well. Delicious but not surprised as I can also make it.

Sides- Crispy Leeks 
It was nicely fried and seasoned but we were too full to finish it. The batter went well with the leeks which were soft in texture hence crispy at the outside, soft and juicy in the inside.


Food: 9/10
Will come back for their amazing steaks and to try their burger! Heard it is a blast too!

Service: 9.5/10
We entered at around 11PM and they still served us with smiles. A particular waiter spent time to explain to us about their beef and dishes and I really enjoyed that! I really love to know more about what's going on on my plate so Thank your for your patience! :D

Ambience: 9/10
Has a classic and classy charm. There is a pub/bar above and a live band was playing but we are not really distracted by it. I liked the atmosphere!

Price: RM178 for everything above.
I think it's quite worth it for what we have ate. Foie Gras, Ribeye...
For a cheaper meal, come visit during lunch time to get a free side dish for every steak you order!

Ril’s Bangsar
30 Jalan Telawi 5
Bangsar Baru
+6 016 3157195
+6 03 22013846

Dinner service from 6pm-11pm


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