Thursday, 25 December 2014


Hello everyone! I'm back! After so many months of hiatus! Been quite caught up with alot of stuff so didn't really have time to blog. Now that my holidays are ending, just gonna update you guys with some random happenings of my life since then~

I started pursuing my ACCA studies this July after completing CAT. Life has been a little bit more busy and hectic for me as I was doing some part time business as well. I am also giving tuition to a student. Working hard to earn money and to spend it well! Work hard play hard man!

2nd half of this year has been much more dramatic and interesting compared to the first half, I had really terrible downs which will stay in my heart forever, and of course, extremely happy ups which keeps me going. I am very thankful to everyone who has become a part of my 2014, a year which I had grow even more, to see the world even more, to know who are the ones whom I should cherish most.

A big part of my year was also to look forward to the Korea trip with my friends. Yes, I went to Korea again! I was less excited compared to last year, but there were also times when I would get so hyped up about it. After 8 months worth of wait since we booked the air tickets in March, 10 of us went to Korea in December finally! It was definitely a fun experience for me, as I was longing for a trip with a bunch of my friends since forever. The feeling was like the trips we went on during the primary school days, just without the controlling teachers. :P I really felt closer to them as I get to know them more and do so many things together. Kimchi Nation! Another one! Leggo! :D

8th of August was also a particularly heart throbbing day for me as I woke up early in the morning to check my CAT results. Was so delighted to know that I passed everything and can officially continue my ACCA studies! Did felt sad for my friends who didnt make it which means we won't have that much time spent together in class :(

Then it was graduation day, took so many photos which can be found on my Facebook.

Also went to Singapore in October for a few days, met and caught up with quite a few of my friends, had great times catching up and really happy to see them.

I think that's all for now, of course my life is much more than this, but these are just some of it, cos if I were to list them all out I myself would fall asleep typing. LOL

Kay, and.. yea! Forgot to announce, you guys can call me Jayden from now on! Got myself an English name just for the sake of getting one.

Bye!! XD


Friday, 25 July 2014


Woke up around 10am in the morning and decided to pay the kpop agencies a visit. Don't normally have breakfast so decided to skip it and head over to Cheongdamdong first. I also decided not to wear my trench coat and just wore a sweater which I bought at Busan. So, I wore 2 or 3 layers only! 2 I think, just the long johns inside and the sweater. Crazy right! End up catching a cold and headache which slightly affected my next 3 days in Seoul. :/

The sun is still shining brightly even when it's so cold!

Stumbled upon someone reporting something. Just took a pic and left. Lol

Some random underground shopping centre.

Alighted at Cheongdamdong and off I go!

Just walking on the streets of Korea makes me so happy!
Amazingly, one of the best memories of my Korea trip last year is just walking on streets in Korea. Just walking and adventuring around, you don't know what awaits you next, and everything you see is so new and fresh you forgot how long you have walked.

Rimowa luggages! Wished I had one.

Crayon Pop!!! <3<3<3

Using tips from the internet, I finally found Cube Entertainment! Almost couldn't believe my eyes because this sight is normally seen through the computer screen and finally I got to see it with my own eyes!
I got so excited and wanted to see more places that I forgot to take a picture of myself with it.
(But I managed to take one later when I returned in day 10.) XD

JYP Entertainment!
It was just located down the road from Cube Entertainment.

Taken from JYP entertainment. See how near they are!

Then I saw Cube Cafe! Was planning to have my breakfast (or brunch) here, but it wasn't open!
This is the place that many fans camp here and wait for a chance to bump into Cube Artists. They will literally just walk beside the Cafe to get into their studio! Of course I didn't get to meet them.. :(

Cube cafe was closed!!

Realising that Cube Cafe was closed, I then went to search for SM's building. It took me quite a while to get the directions and after a long walk, I finally got to Korea's most powerful entertainment agency, SM Entertainment!

The new building of SM Entertainment!

There was a playground opposite SM so I went to sit around there, hoping to see any idols. Anyone will do... Like just wanna have the feeling of bumping into someone famous so I can brag to my kpop fans friends.. Hahaha! So lame right!
I only wore 3 layers that morning because I wanted to see whether I can stand the temperature or not... Such a stupid fool! I caught a cold later after staying in the playground for like 30 minutes. Decided to leave as I know I will fall sick if I don't immediately get some heating. (Plus I haven't ate anything and it's already 12pm.)

Took it at the playground opposite SM.

There's a school located nearby SM. 
They must have lotsa chances bumping into idols as they are so near right!

Realised I was way too weak to walk the far distance back to the station anymore, decided to cab back.
Mr Taxi Taxi Taxi~

Map of Apgujeong-dong displayed at the subway station.
At this point I found out that Plastic Surgery is really thriving in Korea!
(Not that I'm against it.) Haha!

Met a fellow Malaysian in front of SM. Was trying to see idols too, and her family was there waiting with her too! So good right! My parents would have thrown me there if it was them.. :/
I wasn't planning to attend Music Show recordings at first as it was super hard to get into those programs according to many blogs. But I decided to give it a try after my new friend asked me to join them the next day. I had to get an album of the artist who will be recording for the show. The comebacks during that period was EXO, B2st's JunHyung and T-ARA.
How nice! I like B2st and T-ARA alot!! So I decided to attend T-ARA's recording.

But first, I had to get back for a short nap because I was feeling so damn under the weather.
I couldn't even finish a kimbap!

After a 3 hour nap back at my room, I left for the album store located at Jonggak Station.
Contrary to popular belief, Kpop albums aren't everywhere in Seoul. You won't get to see it everywhere unlike those cosmetics and apparels. They are only sold at certain areas. I have been wondering where I can find Kpop album and thanks to my new friend's mom who did a whole lot of research than me, I got to buy Kpop albums! AND GOT A WHOLE LOT OF OFFICIAL KPOP POSTERS FOR FREE!
The ajjussi at the albums section was so kind! He literally gave me what ever posters I wanted! I only bought 2 albums which were T-ARA's Again 1997 and B2st's Hard To Love How To Love. He gave me like 4 T-ARA, 1 B2st, 1 Trouble Maker, 1 SNSD, 1 Hyuna and 1 Block B!
So kind of him man!

For those who wanna go and buy Kpop Albums, this is the information:
Bandi & Luni's Bookstore
Exit 3 Jonggak Station


There was an underground shopping centre also, walked around abit and went back to sleep again because I still don't feel well.

Shopping really never stops at Seoul. Almost every underground stations I went have an underground shopping centre attached to it. :0

My sickness was temporary relieved when I exited the subway station.
That was the first time I felt snow dropping on my face in my entire life!
Felt so happy and took so many pictures! However they turned out so blurry because I was so excited so this is the only picture I got, which is not clear also... ZZZ

Went to sleep abit earlier than the rest of the days because I have to wake up super early the next morning to catch the train to attend the music show recording!

That's all for day3! Thanks for reading!


Saturday, 5 July 2014

Fat Spoon- Angmoh Food Cooked in Grandma's Kitchen!

Fat Spoon at Damansara Utama is known for it's fusion food and nostalgic ambience and we decided to give it a try. Stepping into Fat Spoon feels like stepping into granny's kitchen. Nyonya food cabinets, old school window railings, sewing machine table and etc. All these brings us back to the 60's and it just feels so nostalgic!


Our table was made from a sewing machine!

Ulam Fried Rice with Fried Chicken
Forget about the chicken since we have KFC, but the fried rice is just so so so delicious!
Mixture of so many local herbs altogether in this fried rice and it's like a mixture of so many flavours!

Dry Spicy Beef Macaroni
Heard that the Beef Macaroni was nice here and decided to give it a try. However, it was rather disappointing as it turned out quite bland. We should have gone for the soup one instead. :/

Nyonya Food Cabinet and wooden oval table.
My grandma's house still has these and are in tip-top condition!

The most glorious cempedak spring roll with vanilla ice-cream.
One of a kind.

The best combination of hot fried cempedak spring roll dipped in vanilla icecream.
I can come back here just for this!

All in all, this place serves great Western and Malaysian fusion food. Western food with grandma's twist! 
Great ambience too. Definitely worth trying! Will return to try more of their super creative menu! 

Address: 73 Jalan SS 21/1a, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-7728 3323
Hours: Monday 12:00–9:30 pm


Thursday, 26 June 2014

ABC- Acme Bar & Coffee

You've certainly have heard about lotsa different ABCs, but one famous ABC in the Malaysian dining scene is nonetheless the Acme Bar & Coffee. Famed for their quality food and deserts, the tables are usually fully occupied so do wait for a while before getting seated.

Love the ambiance here. We were the first to arrive and they haven't even open yet. So we waited for a while.

While waiting for our food...

Snail wrapped in duck bacon.
First time eating duck bacon and it tastes almost like normal ham and I don't think this combination works for me..

Smoked Aubergine Sirloin Steak
Australian grass-fed chilled beef on smoked caviar aubergine jam, cherry tomato on vine and rocket tempura
Loved the aubergine jam, nothing like I ever tasted before. Steak is cooked spot on- medium rare.

Sambal Hebi Aglio Olio
Aglio Olio with a Malaysia twist. The taste was alright except it was a little underseasoned for my palate.
However, the prawns weren't fresh which was a big disappointment. :/

So many cakes to choose from but Michelle said that their Jackfruit cake was the best so we gave it a try.

Jackfruit Cake

Jackfruit Cake
It was very delicious with the strong flavor of jackfruit and I liked it alot.

*I know ABC is famed for their sizzling brownies but we were too full to stuff in more food so we decided to leave it for next time. :)

Overall, this is a very good western restaurant with great food and nice ambience. Sit down and chill with your friends while enjoying their nice food and the "atas" feel at Troika.

Acme Bar and Coffee, The Troika, Jalan Binjai, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. 
Tel: 03-2162 2288