Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Tim Ho Wan (添好運)@ Plaza Singapura - World's cheapest Michelin Starred Restaurant in Singapore

I always have cravings for dimsum, so during one of my many trips to Singapore last year I decided to try Tim Ho Wan at Plaza Sing.
I heard about Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong being dubbed the World's Cheapest Michelin Starred Restaurant and how good it is but have no chance to try it because I haven't been to Hong Kong. Chef Mak, owner, was previously at Four Seasons Hong Kong before setting up his own restaurant.

I've read about the queues from the social media and it is crazy! Queuing for 3 hours for dim sum?! So I went during the odd hours to avoid queue but I still had to wait for about 45minutes before getting sitted.

Since Tim Ho Wan is famous for their Four Heavenly Kings, I decided to give them a try.

Polo Buns!
It's actually something like Char Siew Pau and it's so damn good! They are said to sell like 3000 buns a day!

Zoom in!
The buns are crispy and fragrant and the BBQ pork is awesome!

Steamed Egg Cake aka Ma Lai Gou
The BEST malaikou I have ever eaten! The taste the texture OMG AHHH
Soft and fluffy, a lil custard-y but not too heavy.
Malaikou at it's best!

Carrot cake
Tasted up to standard but not surprised as I have tasted better ones.

Chee Cheong Fun!
First time trying Chee Cheong Fun with legit Chee Cheong(Pigs' liver) and it tasted alright.
I still prefer those with prawns though 

Har Gow!
I won't consider my meal at a dimsum restaurant complete without a rack of Prawn Dumplings!
Tasted up to standard too!

Dessert: Tonic Medlar and Osmanthus Cake
More like Jelly haha
Love it to the max!
Looks so luxurious with the gold flake lookalike bits in it.
I feel like a king dining back in Tang dynasty!

Food: 9/10
High quality dimsum at affordable prices. Since I have not been to the main branch in Hong Kong, I cannot make a comparison. However, it is definitely one of the best dimsum places in Singapore!

Price:SGD32 (RM80) for everything above 
Affordable considering it is a Michelin Star Chef owned restaurant.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

JYJOONYOO IN KOREA - Day2 Metropolitan Seoul

Woke up, prepared myself and took a taxi to the nearest Train station and headed to Busan station for KTX train to Seoul. KTX is an express train which only takes 2.5 hours to reach Seoul from Busan. (Normal train takes up to 5)

Every subway in Korea has wifi but you have to sign up with a network provider.

Reached Busan Station to buy KTX tickets to Seoul!

The queue was relatively short and I think it is okay to purchase a last minute ticket as there are many trains departing everyday so it's quite safe if you wanna buy a last minute ticket.

Saw quite a number of Caffe Pascucci and decided to give it a try.
Not really a coffee person so can't judge their coffee. For me, coffee is coffee. Lol
Ordered a hazelnut cappuccino and a sandwich which turns out to be a sadwitch, not nice... :/

My brunch!

Pattern #1

Pattern #2

Not pattern liao...
Selca! :DDD

First sight of snow in my life!


Reached Seoul Station, took subway to Seocho which is around Gangnam where my accommodation for my next 5 days will be. It's a budget motel (aka Goshiwon or goshitel)  for travelers on a budget like me. I know there are hostels around Seoul but I hate sharing rooms with people I don't know, so yeah.

Very basic sleeping place with very basic facilities, but worry not, it's very safe! It's equipped with all sorts of emergency tools and directions over the room.

Details please visit:

Left my luggage and talked abit to Mr Jang, the owner and left for Myeongdong to collect my sim card.

Evergreen sim card which costs me only about RM83.00 for 1GB of data and some telephone calls.
It's considered very cheap as roaming would cost much much more!

After that, I went to Geumjeong to meet with my family friend for dinner.

Gogi gogi gogi gogi

Different meat use different bbq mesh to grill one! :D

They taught me to dip the bbq ribs into the cold noodles (naengmyun) to eat and it turn out quite delicious!

With haeyuk noona on the left and hyeonjong noona on the right!
Thanks for the dinner!
Seeya again!

A view of Geumjeong area at night!
Went back after that. Had a wechat call with family to show them where am I. (Train lol, nth much to see)

Went to explore the neighborhood at night and discovered quite a few bars and expensive restaurants. According to Mr Jang, Seocho is actually where the prosecutor's office sits and many law firms are around here too. Hence explains the expensive places around.

Bought banana milk and seaweed for a light supper! 

So that is all for day 2!


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Thursday, 13 March 2014

JYJOONYOO IN KOREA - Day 0-1 Amazing Busan!

Hello everyone! I am back in Malaysia and finally have some time to start my blog posts about my days in Korea. I went to Korea for 12 days last December and had lotsa fun exploring the Kimchi Nation. I love it so much and is sure that I will be back soon. SOON. Like this year! YAYYYY

I still remember back in last year when I just booked my flight ticket and words can't express the excitement I had! Now that I'm back it seems like I had just woke up from the sweetest dream in my life! It's as if I've not been there because it felt like a dream! So I decided to pack my bags and go again this December! (Yup I've booked my tickets!) :DDDDD

I will post everything I did from day 1 to day 12 and will make another more compact itenerary version with all the directions that I can give for you guys because places I went can actually be covered in 7-8 days. I will most probably make that version downloadable for you guys to print out and bring it around.

Day 0-1
Went to the airport at 10pm to catch my 1am flight to Busan, South Korea
The flight was quite comfortable in my opinion, and I got mistaken by the air-stewardess for a Korean. Actually throughout my whole trip I got mistaken quite a few times as a Korean as they told me I looked like one! So happy HAHAHA #syoksendiri #buyaolian

Bye KL!

Arrived in Gimhae International Airport about 8am in the morning. 

Bought a kimbab and banana milk at a convenience store for breakfast. 

Kimbab is so cheap in Korea! 

Airport Fashion.

Random shot

Took airport limousine to my residence in Haeundae area. 
Click here to cheap stays in Korea.

I rented a whole studio apartment for myself with beach view for only a very cheap price!
The host is very helpful and will answer all your queries!
For more details, visit

Two comfy beds for me, myself and I! :D

Checked into the residence and left for exploration of Busan!

Random plant

First street food was Ddeokbokki! So nice!

They have a lock&lock store! Aunties pack your bags now!

Nampodong shopping area
High quality products for reasonable amount of money!

Life sized Kpop stars' posters (or what I should call it) are everywhere!

All their apparels are damn fashionable!!!
Although not as cheap as places like Thailand and Taiwan but definitely of higher quality and more trendy!

Bought a nice shoe here :D

Now its G Dragon.

Interesting roadside stalls which I didn't get to try because I was too full from the Ddeokbokki and was about to have dinner. D;

But did try out this chicken which looks so tempting and it tasted SO NICE!!!


Grilled Octopus which wasn't very fresh I think...
The flesh was mushy...

Went on to explore Jalgachi Fish Market which was mind blowing!
So much seafood in terms of variety and amount!
So many which I have never seen or heard of in my life!
As a seafood lover, I am so tempted to try everything!

Clams which are palm sized big!

Oysters OMG!
If make into Oyster Omelette...

More seafood!

These are stingrays right??

Ajjumma handling dried fish.

Preserved crabs! The red one tasted quite alright but they were raw! :0

Who needs weed when there's seaweed!

Anchovies! The variety is astonishing!

Such huge squids!

Look at the squids! 

Now the indoor part, which you can purchase seafood and have it cooked at the above level.

Dining tables with view of the sea.

My dinner. KRW40000 (RM120)
Left: Oysters, Sea cucumber, Octopus, Abalone, Scallops
Right: Korean raw fish 

Practically nothing is cooked! Loved it! Gonna come back here soon or after!

Went back after dinner.
Korea is pretty much dominated with stairs so make sure you have the energy to walk~

It's also pretty much packed with full length mirrors for the vain in you.

And lockers for storage of your bulky items if you wanna explore the area without having to carry your stuff around. I left my shopping items here before going to the wet market for dinner.

The view from my studio apartment.

Decided to walk down for some exploration.

Pojang Macha aka Cart Bars which serves seafood and beer for people to chat and socialise or just to have some seafood in the middle of the night!

This is how it looked like inside.

I ordered a half oyster half scallop set which cost about KRW20000+3000 for the beer. (RM70)
Quite expensive compared to the wet market but hey so late already where to find seafood?

The kind Ajjumma (aunty) gave me so many extra scallops and side dishes because she said it's my first time trying out cart bar. We talked abit using my bad Korean language as she doesn't understand English at all. She asked where am I from, whether Malaysia is hot or cold, am I a student or traveller and some other questions. Quite touched by her gift of extra scallops and oyster.
Went back to my residence at about 12am.

Ending this post with a random nightshot on the streets!

Off to Seoul in day2. Check back soon!


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