Saturday, 10 May 2014

The Return of JYJoonyoo!!!


I have been on a hiatus since March and have not been updating this blog of mine because I was occupied with SO many things. I will summarise what I have been doing for the past 2-3 months in pictures and maybe some words: XP

Broga Hills:
Went climbing Broga Hills! A great experience I wouldn't mind going again even though it was quite tiring! We had a karaoke session from 12am till 3am and drove straight down to Broga Hills and started climbing around 5am!

Can still see the moon!


This place look so not Malaysia.

So many people that day!

Malacca day trip:
Went to Malacca on 8/3! Had so much fun travelling and eating there! But the weather was HOT AS F**K!
Lucky Carol drove so we didn't have to walk under the sun so much!

Nyonya Laksa!! YUMMYLICIOUS! Jonker 88

Awesome Chicken Rice Balls at Chop Chung Wah, Jonker Street

AHH HEAVENLY slice of Nadeje Mille Crepe!

Class BBQ party:

Our class got straight passes for Financial Accounting and Sunway awarded each of us a budget of RM25 to celebrate it. We bought lotsa ingredients and had a great BBQ session!

Chicken wings, lamb, stingray, prawn, scallops, salmon, squid etc etc

Tomyam squid!
I did the marinating and they liked it! :D

Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom


Dengue Fever:

Diagnosed with dengue few weeks ago and was admitted to Sunway Medical Centre. Great doctor and awesome nurses! Kudos to the nurses for taking such good care during the 6 days!
As for the root of the sickness, I highly suspect I got it from the mosquitoes in my hostel as I got bit a few times in my room and I always saw mosquitoes around in my room. However, the manager pissed my whole family off by giving VERY irresponsible excuses, something along the lines of:

"There are mosquitoes all over in Malaysia, I also have mosquitoes here in my office. But I buy my own "feng you" (mint ointment oil). You find a place without mosquitoes and tell me?"

"If you want, you can ask a very good doctor to certify that you got bitten by a mosquito from Sunway Hostel and get the documents and get Karpal Singh to fight the case for you. (RIP Karpal Singh, that was like few weeks before the accident happened.)"

"You think your parents big? Even Tan Sri's son we treat equally here."

"*Bangs the table* I'M THE MANAGER HERE!"

I only have one thing in mind, that is, hooligan's way of handling matters, wonder how can he become a manager. He might be a great gangster leader IMO.

Two days after that, we went to see someone else. At first we wanted to see the CEO of healthcare and education division of Sunway Group but he wasn't there and the admin got us the Head of Residence to talk to us. Fair enough, he was an extremely polite and down to earth person and super efficient in handling matters. Days after, mosquitoe net was installed in my room (although still not up to standard, but haih, M'sia la, bear with it la.. That's how good they can get already.)

No edit. Lost abit of weight thanks to the horrible healthy food in the Hospital.

Very health.
Such hospital.
Too taste.
So food.

Qing Ming:

After few days of  recovering from dengue, I went back to my parents' hometown for Qing Ming.

Munching away a whole rib of crispy roasted pork! YUMS!

Super fun throwing all these up the air and see them fly up highhhhhhhh

Drools to the max man!
*I still understand the meaning of Ching Ming is meant for mourning for our loss of family members and to remember what our ancestors did for us.


Moral Studies Presentation
Did rather well.
Kudos to everyone! :D

Okay so those were just like some out of everything I did throughout these 2-3 months. Will be back and more active after my exams finish in June. :D

Seeya soon!