Thursday, 25 December 2014


Hello everyone! I'm back! After so many months of hiatus! Been quite caught up with alot of stuff so didn't really have time to blog. Now that my holidays are ending, just gonna update you guys with some random happenings of my life since then~

I started pursuing my ACCA studies this July after completing CAT. Life has been a little bit more busy and hectic for me as I was doing some part time business as well. I am also giving tuition to a student. Working hard to earn money and to spend it well! Work hard play hard man!

2nd half of this year has been much more dramatic and interesting compared to the first half, I had really terrible downs which will stay in my heart forever, and of course, extremely happy ups which keeps me going. I am very thankful to everyone who has become a part of my 2014, a year which I had grow even more, to see the world even more, to know who are the ones whom I should cherish most.

A big part of my year was also to look forward to the Korea trip with my friends. Yes, I went to Korea again! I was less excited compared to last year, but there were also times when I would get so hyped up about it. After 8 months worth of wait since we booked the air tickets in March, 10 of us went to Korea in December finally! It was definitely a fun experience for me, as I was longing for a trip with a bunch of my friends since forever. The feeling was like the trips we went on during the primary school days, just without the controlling teachers. :P I really felt closer to them as I get to know them more and do so many things together. Kimchi Nation! Another one! Leggo! :D

8th of August was also a particularly heart throbbing day for me as I woke up early in the morning to check my CAT results. Was so delighted to know that I passed everything and can officially continue my ACCA studies! Did felt sad for my friends who didnt make it which means we won't have that much time spent together in class :(

Then it was graduation day, took so many photos which can be found on my Facebook.

Also went to Singapore in October for a few days, met and caught up with quite a few of my friends, had great times catching up and really happy to see them.

I think that's all for now, of course my life is much more than this, but these are just some of it, cos if I were to list them all out I myself would fall asleep typing. LOL

Kay, and.. yea! Forgot to announce, you guys can call me Jayden from now on! Got myself an English name just for the sake of getting one.

Bye!! XD