Saturday, 2 May 2015

JYJOONYOO IN KOREA - Day4 Shopping Heaven

Woke up at like 5am in the morning and quickly washed up and prepared to go out to board the earliest train possible. Arrived at the place around 7am and there were so many fans waiting already! Like 200!
And I realised on the train that T-ARA will not be recording this time because I saw hyomin's instagram and they are in Beijing during that time! WTH! ARGH

Exo fans had the longest queue. It was snowing quite heavily and they were sitting on the floor covered in snow! I stand there also WTFICANNOTTAHAN already. How they bear through this cold?!

So we went over to queue for the live broadcast and were told only the first 20 or 40 will get into the studio. My number was 80. -_-
But we decided to wait for a while more until 8am and see whether by any slight chance we get to go inside or not. But no. T.T 
So I went back and continued sleeping. HAHAHA
You know it's so comfortable to sleep in the winter! So lazy to wake up man! XD
Woke up around 1pm and headed out to Myeongdong for shopping time!


Exo again...


Went to SPAO, SM endorsed clothing brand. Not sure whether it's owned by SM though.

Was searching desperately for strawberries since day 1 but still haven't bought any. The craving need to stop so when I saw this shop selling juice, I asked whether I could just buy the strawberries and they said yes! And they look happy filling up my cup full with strawberries. Guess they were happy because they didn't need to do extra work juicing the strawberries and I was happy cos I finally got my strawberries! 

Wanted to try Korean Fried Chicken but had no idea where to eat it. Finally found a shop in the middle of Myeongdong. It was horrible :(
Chicken was so dry, and this is the minimum portion that was available. I didn't even finish alot of them because they were so not delicious...

Secret to many Korean guy's tall bodies?
TADA! Insoles! Hahahaha
Shall not comment further~ XP

Bought a pack of grilled octopus, was so good!!!! But Malaysia also got similar laaa

Lol Gangnam style

And.... Samgyetang! (Korean ginseng chicken)
Was quite tasteless to me because I couldn't taste the chicken taste, and maybe I was gradually falling sick again since day3 :(

Wishbone ahh hahaha

After Myeongdong, went to Dongdaemun for more shopping! Dongdaemun is famously known for its shopping and wholesale centres. Sadly this time I didn't know where they were and ended up just shopping in 2 Malls. They are actually just across the road! 

Cheongyecheon Stream

Just look at how gorgeous the clothings are!!!
And most importantly, they are Made In Korea! Means most are in very good quality!

Accessories which makes me don't even wanna go in because I think I will faint from all the bling bling! 

This place is the place that you will feel the other side of Korea. The place that will spill the black ink on your good impressions towards Korea and their people. People here are so pushy to make a sale to you that once you enter the floor, they will literally walk up to you and invite you to their stall and make you take a look at their clothes. If you looked and refuse to buy, they will keep pestering you non-stop and will even make unpleasant sounds when you finally walk away.
This is a place that you might want to beware of.

Saw a strawberry shop at dongdaemun. Bought a box and went back to my residence at Seocho.
Was so excited to eat them because I know Korean strawberries are delicious but didn't see any until this day!


TAAADAAAA!!! I finished the top row in less than 2 minutes!!!!!

That's all for day 4!
Day 5 will be up very soon so do come back!




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  1. As I can see according to your photos there are a lot of tasty things to try and a lot of places were you can have shopping)