Monday, 4 May 2015

JYJOONYOO IN KOREA - Day5 Beautiful Korea

Woke up in the morning and left for those touristy stuff today! Do expect beautiful photos taken by yours truly. I purposely changed by bag to a larger one to fit in my tripod because I wanna take nice pictures and most passerby just anyhow take for you one, so I rather set up my camera on timer mode and take them myself. However I did received help from a few passerbys which took very good pictures for me! Tip: Always find those tourists with DSLR and chances are they will take nicer photos than normal people. :D

Had this sausage bread for breakfast and I think it was around 3500won. 
The tomato sauce, I mean, tomato paste is delicious! Normally bakeries use those cheap tomato sauces but this is different! They use legit tomato paste! And the sausage is delicious too, yup its a sausage, not a hotdog, so its definitely worth the price! I have it almost every morning as my breakfast! And a few cream puffs from the bakery everytime I pass by them. They are so nice I will buy them everytime I see them! :D

For those who don't know the difference between sausage and hotdog, sausage is the one using more premium quality ingredients like minced meat and herbs stuffed into casings such as intestines; and hotdogs are usually processed animal parts (not only the meat) and flour and many other additives and flavourings.

Took the subway to Gyeongbokgung 

This is actually a frozen lake beside Gyeongbokgung

This is probably my favourite photo taken in Korea. I know I'm very thick faced to say it, but I think I look great here! Hahaha! Everyone who saw it also thought so! Some even thought it wasn't me or something, and the point is, minimal editing is done to this photo! I liked it so much I printed it and framed it on my wall together with other nice pictures of Korea. HAHAHA

Contrast: One side looks sad while other looks vibrant.

Took the "lift" up to namsan!


View from cable car up to Namsan Tower.


Spotted Malay words here in Korea! Went back in 2014 and still found it!

Dinner: The Best Burger In Seoul

Verdict: Not very nice, just a normal beef burger with cheese. Maybe I had too much good burgers back in Malaysia! Hahaha

There's this event being held there where couples will go to the centre of the place to have a kiss. Namsan itself is a very romantic place with couples walking around and lovey dovey can be witnessed everywhere. How lonely I felt that night... :(

Got back to Myeongdong to catch the subway back to residence and before catching the subway, I shall catch a chicken kochi first! :P

Went to a mini mart nearby and bought random stuff for supper as burger dinner wasn't enough!

Saw this Korean Silkworm Pupa (Beondegi) CANNED WTS OMG!
They even have this shit canned!!! OMG 
And.. Yea.. I bought it. HAHAHA
Just to try la but after the first piece I threw the whole can away already. I admit I am already quite adventurous when it comes to food and I can accept a large profile of flavours, but beondegi? 
Thanks, but no thanks. :X

Korean strawberries are SO SO SO SWEET! Forget other countries'

And.. Post Supper. Hahaha! Supper already still got post supper!
I really think the burger wasn't enough so thru the help of goshitel staff, I ordered Jajjangmyun!
LOVE THEM! This was sooooo good! I craved for it for ONE WHOLE YEAR until I could finally get to eat it during my second trip in Korea hahaha.

Ending this day's post with this mixed Jajjangmyun.




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